The Great Britains Willow Grove – Here’s The Money Can I Go Now Please

I’m not the type to buy a luxury car. I can’t justify paying that kind of money for a car that is going to be more expensive to fix and change its oil than my Dodge. My boss on the other hand is different. With houses in London, Paris, Manhattan and Pennsylvania, he is truly one of those globe trekkers that wants what he wants and is willing to pay a premium for it. He recently bought a Range Rover from a car dealer in Willow Grove, PA and it immediately had loads of issues: nicks, scratches, things like that.

My employer works about 80 hours per week and our company’s client base sprawls from the United Nations, Major IPO facilitation for economic development, real estate in France for one of our largest clients in Europe, the Vatican and scores of other congressmen, senators, ex-presidents and MENA region power players.

When my boss whispers, everyone listens; well not everyone. There is a guy at The Great Britains Range Rover in Willow Grove, Rob or Bob Nickels (not even sure if I got the name right) but my boss, while negotiating a Lobby support transaction on one phone, put his personal phone on speaker and this salesman was so unbelievably rude, arrogant and childish I would have been pissed if I wasn’t so shocked. Here you have a guy, a young guy and yes he’s rich but he considers himself a civil servant to those who have no voice with a car dealer too stupid to get his crap together and just fix the car and make it easy for his customer. Instead, he resorted to name calling and other childish and rude outlets. My blood boils as I write this.

What ever happened to treating a customer like they are human? Have sales ethics gotten to the point of no return where they can scream at anybody for any reason? If you are reading this and you are in Montgomery County, Philadelphia or Bucks County you can thank my boss that your local economy is still strong enough to pay your wages to put food on your table. These regions were having issues with bond status and my boss fixed them singlehandedly and didn’t ask for any of the perks or favors that are typical with that transaction. He just wanted to help.

Hey Bob, you need to learn a thing or two about the way business is done. You don’t sell luxury cars at premium dollar and give crap service after the sale. You don’t mouth off to a client while you’re on speakerphone with legislative bloggers listening. You’re about to be famous! You mouthed off to a guy with powerful friends and even more importantly social media whack jobs like myself that blog like maniacs with a massive following. I promise you this, you’ll never mouth off to another client again, viral media will clean up this economy just like it will teach you how to treat people properly.

Nickles, you could have done this to anyone else and no one would have cared but you chose to mouth off to one of the most ‘selfless’ gentlemen out there and he has a loyal following. My guess is, this is one of the first of hundreds of blog posts that you’ll see about your degenerate service.

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