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Job Seekers Today Should Have A Staffing Company

The day of going to open interviews with a paper copy of your resume in hand are long gone. In this computer age the majority of applications are sent as an attachment to an email. This makes it virtually impossible to get an interview. If you cannot get an interview you cannot get the job. One job posting on an employment search engine may garner fifty to one hundred responses with resumes, cover letters and references. How do you get your resume seen by the employer, and if seen how do you make a personal connection without an interview? To actually be seen by a prospective employer you need a staffing company.

The process of hiring new employees has become too time consuming for most human resource departments to handle. Employers have found that by working with a staffing agency they can shift a portion of the work over to the staffing agency. This frees up time for the HR department and saves the employer money.

Your agency is your liaison to prospective employers. Without that liaison, you have no connection. It is extremely difficult to get an interview based on an application submitted online. Your agency can and will get you job interviews.

When an agency hears about a vacancy they will look at their roster of clients, job seekers, and see if there is a good fit. If they find a good candidate, the agency will arrange an interview. If they do not find a good candidate, the agency will simply post the job online with some of the many search engines.

If you are registered with an agency, and you are a good candidate, you will at least get an interview. If you respond to an online search engine job posting, chances are you will get nothing, not even an email reply. The agency connection to the employer makes the process easier for the employer. The agency has already done a lot of the work for the employer. Everything else being equal, employers will be inclined to go with the applicant from the employment agency.

There are three different ways to get hired through an employment agency. One, you are hired as a temporary worker for a short period of time. Two, you are hired as a temporary to permanent, also called temp to hire. In this situation the employer will consider your work performance during the temporary period, and if pleased with your performance the employer will offer you a permanent position. The employment agency calls these assignments. You are actually working for the staffing agency, and your paycheck comes from the agency.

The third type of hire is called a direct hire or permanent hire. In this situation the agency has functioned as a recruiter and you are hired by the employer. You submit your time cards to the employer, and the employer writes your paycheck.

Employment agencies are in the business of finding people to fill vacancies for entry level to mid level hourly paid positions. Employment search engines merely post jobs and have no working relationship with employers. Job seekers simply have a better chance of getting hired when they work with an agency.

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