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The LG LD360 is UK’s first available 3D LCD television. On the other hand, people seem to be a little hesitant about this one, thinking that it is quite expensive and may just pass. However, due to the advent of a lot of 3D-enabled televisions with various technologies, 3D TVs are slowly gaining popularity. Your usual television shows can be made into exquisite images, giving you a new experience as you enjoy everything in 3D.

LG’s 3D television would be compatible with Sky’s 3D television services so you get to be more involved in watching your favorite shows in 3D. Wear the special glasses and let your eyes experience a different kind of viewing, making you feel as if you are in the television show or movie. See your sports games as if you are watching on the bleachers, too.

The LG LD360 uses a passive 3D technology which puts this technology straight in the television. This process removes the need for special powered glasses just to ‘see’ these 3D content. Glasses for such passive 3D televisions are cheaper and more affordable, and generally easier to make.

LG’s passive 3D technologies means that the 3D processing is made by the television. This eliminates the need to buy those expensive powered glasses such as active shutter glasses, since they are typically more expensive to make. This considerably makes the 3D television more appealing to most people, too.

It uses LCD, which cuts off power consumption as compared to the plasma televisions or the traditional CRT televisions. It is also more environment friendly, and can even let you save money from paying too much for electricity.

LG’s television is compatible with HDMI enabled sources such as home theater systems, DVD and BluRay players, and many more. Just plug in your HDMI cables and you are ready to go. You can connect your gadgets and devices right on its HDMI ports, and enjoy your own digital content right on your 3D television.

Sky’s 3D television services are available in 2010, and the LG LD360 is definitely prepared for it. View those movies shot in 3D cameras and fully use your televisions features to display this new experience. Bring yourself to where they are, and see those images come to life – just as if you are actually there with them.

Besides the 3D cable services and 3D movies, it also supports 3D gaming from those high definition gaming consoles. Enjoy your favorite games and play in high definition and three dimension, immersing your gamer alter ego in a different world each time you battle or go on an adventure. LG thinks that this is certainly the decade for 3D imaging and 3D home entertainment.

The LG LD360 is LG’s affordable line of 3D-enabled and 3D-capable televisions in the United Kingdom. They also envision to release its sisters to other countries, as well. The affordable LD 360 has many sizes besides the basic 47-inch model, all with the passive 3D technology. It also fully supports 3D films and movies on the first 3D-enabled BluRay discs.

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