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Where To Find A Sarasota Beachfront Home

Are you looking for a great beach? Sarasota is home to some of the nicest beachfront homes in Florida. This fabulous beach town is located on the west coast of the sunshine state and about an hour south of Tampa. It is only about 2 hours from Mickey Mouse land and 2 hours from Naples. People from Canada, Europe and the northern states come to Sarasota to enjoy the pretty beaches, great people, fun activities and sunny weather.

There are a variety of great places to live and own in Sarasota. You no longer have to spend $300,000 to find yourself a fabulous home. With the recent collapse in real estate prices everything is much more affordable. Florida is a bargain again. Many areas of Sarasota are back to 1999-2001 pricing.

Sarasota Beachfront Homes

There is nearly 40 miles of beach in Sarasota, Florida. Most of the best is made up of condos. It is more economical for a developer to build 100 condos versus one large and expensive home. Zoning does not allow condos on all beachfront land. For this reason you will find some single family homes.

There are not as many places to find a Sarasota beachfront home as you might think. There are primarily 4 barrier islands – Longboat Key, Casey Key, Lido Key and Siesta Key. With all of these locations expect to pay at least $1,500,000 for a home on the beach. If you want a really nice home then you will need to spend more.

Lido Key

This is a small barrier island off the coast of downtown Sarasota. It is probably the most convenient of the barrier islands. There are not many single family homes on the beach here. You can find a few just off St. Armands Circle and North Polk. The Lido Shores neighborhood is home to some of the nicest waterfront home in Sarasota. A few of the most expensive residential real estate transactions are found here.

Siesta Key

The beach here is simply amazing. Siesta Key beach consistently ranks as one of the best in the world. This is a fabulous place to own a single family home on the beach.

On the south end of the island you have the gated community of the Sanderling Club. This is one of the few gated communities with homes on the beach. The lots are very large and most of the homes are grand. There are a handful of beachfront homes off Higel Avenue on the north end of the island. This is not a huge walkable beach. They are more private and hard to access.

Longboat Key

This 11 mile barrier island is just off Sarasota and Bradenton. The south end has a different flavor from the north end. The north end has an “Old Florida” relaxed feel whereas the south end is a bit more manicured and pristine. You can find few single family homes on the south end. If you must have one be prepared to spend $5,000,000 or more. Homes on the beach are also found on the middle to north end of the island. The prices are a bit more affordable here.

Casey Key

This is the exclusive barrier island just south of Siesta Key and located off Nokomis and Osprey. You won’t really find any condos here as most of the island is made up of single family homes. Some of the most amazing beachfront homes are located here. If you want a large selection of homes on the beach then you need to explore Casey Key. However, some people find this island too far from the action of Sarasota while others want to go down there for the peace and quiet.

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