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Nerf Gun refills, – How do you lose yours

Losing you nerf Gun Darts is a pain in the butt. Especially when you play outdoors. The more you play the more you lose and eventually you have to replace your nerf ammunition. Whether you nerf gun refills are stuck behind the radiator never to be seen again, missing in action or just damaged beyond repair a new supply of nerf darts is always useful.

There are plenty of links on nerfgunrefills.com to get your new nerf darts – refills and ammunition but what are the most common ways to lose or destroy your refills.

Ten ways to lose a nerf dart

1: Behind a bookcase – Maybe a retrieval tool should be invented for this. How they end up there I will never know

2: Younger brother or normally sister decide to eat them or feed them to the dog

3: In the wash, if like me you keep refills in your pockets during a battle dont forget to take them out after

4: Weapons Damage: Clip system ammunition is prone to this Less of a problem with tag darts and whistlers but gun malfunctions do take their toll.

5: Missing in Action: Gone forever and you never know where that dart went

6: Confiscated: Should never have shot your little sister in the head

7: Over the Garden Fence: If you are brave enough you could try to recover that refill. How grumpy is your neighbor

8: Wear and tear: Every good soldier must pack it in sometimes. Its the same with darts. They only last so long. The more you play the more damage they take

9: Eaten by the dog: Dogs love to play fetch with my ammunition.

10: Stolen: Not nice I know but alls fair in love an war: You may not always get your stuff back after a battle.

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