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How to Maintain Your Hardwood Floors

If you’ve chosen to install hardwoods to your property, you have reached a wise decision – just remember you will want to also plan to maintain them.

Hardwood floors are made from mature trees, which is then treated when it is finished. Maintaing them can be difficult since they can scratch easy and also absorb of some moisture.

Leaving a pool of water on your hardwoods for any longer than necessary is not suggested. The moisture can go into the cracks between the slates, and then swell. If any liquid happens to be spilt in even a small spot, should it stay there for very long then it will still become damaging.

If any liquid is spilled on the hardwood floor, you will want to soak up the fluid immediately. Use a damp mop only while cleaning your hardwoods. There are additionally floor cleaners that have been specifically formulted for wood floors that you can use. Either way, you will want to avoid from using any excess water or cleaner than is needed to make your mop damp.

Another thing which can occur to hardwoods are dents and scratches. High heels are damaging to wood floors – you should contemplate removing them & putting them at your front or garage door to limit wear. Over time any the legs of your furniture can also damage your floors. It’s therefore a good idea to place rugs underneath your furniture, or to use felts that are available that go directly under the legs of your furniture. You could additionally add some area rugs in the high traffic areas in your home, like kitchens, hallways, and the area directly in front of the couch.

There are a handful people who feel that the scratches & dents give their hardwood floors character. But if you are in fact unhappy with the scratches, a good possibility is getting your wood floors refinished. If you have your wood floors refinished every decade or so & stay on top of protecting your hardwoods, your hardwood floors can remain in good condition throughout your lifetime.

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