How Many Times Can I Light a Typical Cigar Lighter?

A reliable, working cigar lighter is essential to being able to light up whenever you want. Whether you choose butane torch lighters (a choice growing in popularity) a Zippo or a disposable option, youll probably want to know just how many lights you’ll get out of it. This is an understandable question. However, you will not find a simple answer. Why is there no easy answer to this question? It certainly makes a great deal of sense to ask it, as the answer will determine just how much you have to spend on additional fuel or new lighters.

Sadly, there is no firm answer for smokers. Just because a lighter might light a certain number of times, it does not mean that you will be able to light that many cigars or even that many cigarettes. In order to understand this problem, you will need to consider the actual cigar-lighting process. Whats to know about lighting a cigar?

At least one manufacturer of disposable lighters claims that their products will light a staggering 3,000 times. However, that doesnt mean that youll be able to light or relight 3,000 cigars. Why not? You can certainly light such a lighter that many times, but you wont be able to apply that to lighting cigars. Why is there such confusion surrounding the topic?

First, you will need to consider the various flame configurations. There are double and triple jet lighters on the market, as well as single jets and disposable butane lighters. Each uses fuel differently. Obviously, the more jets there are on the lighter, the more fuel it will use. Likewise, the question of lighting duration must be answered. Not all smokers light their cigars in the same amount of time. In addition, lighting a cigar takes longer than simply depressing the igniter. You will have to maintain that flame for some time in order to achieve an even light on your cigar.

Therefore, the amount of time that it takes you to light your cigar is directly proportional to the total number of lights you get out of that lighter. Does this sound confusing? If so, then you are not alone. The best option for you if you simply must know how many lights you’ll get out of the average cigar lighter is to put one to the test. Pickup an affordable cigar lighter and track how many cigars you are able to light with it. This will give you a good benchmark for future lighter purchases.

Ryder is a consultant for an online specialty torch lighters store and has expert knowledge of cigar accessories, including pipe lighters.

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