How to Make Easy Baked Chicken Recipes

Boneless chicken is a great ingredient to have in the kitchen because there are hundreds of different kinds of recipes you can make. Baking is an excellent cooking method.

You can bake chicken as it is, in a sauce, in a liquid or with some herbs and spices rubbed into it. A nice way to add plenty of flavor while keeping your meat moist and succulent is to poach it in a roasting dish in the oven.

Easy Baked Chicken Recipes

A very easy way to bake boneless chicken is to combine some pieces with a can of soup and bake it at 350 degrees F for an hour. You can use any kind of soup and celery soup, onion soup, cheese soup or mushroom soup all work well. Ensure the meat is covered with aluminum foil or some kind of lid so it does not dry out.

Another great baked chicken recipe is to use a combination of orange juice, sherry, and drained, canned mandarin orange segments instead of the soup and bake the poultry until the juices run clear. Recipes like this are amazingly easy and you probably have all or most of the ingredients already.

If you love the natural flavor of chicken, you can rub some olive oil over your pieces, add some salt and pepper, and bake them until they are done. This is a fantastic recipe to have in your cooking repertoire. You can add some dried herbs or spices for a different flavor.

To make gravy for your baked chicken, put the roasting pan with the drippings on the stove and use a metal spatula to scrape up the stuck on bits. Add some broth or white wine to help deglaze it, transfer this mixture to a small pan, and cook it over a medium high heat until it is nice and thick. Keep the meat warm while the gravy is cooking.

If you like Mexican food, another great recipe idea is a creamy easy chicken enchiladas casserole. This is chicken stuffed tortillas with enchilada sauce and cheese over the top. You simply need to bake it until it is hot and the cheese is melted and golden brown. Enchiladas are delicious and the whole family will enjoy this easy yet very appetizing dish.

Tips for Perfect Baked Chicken

Careful it can dry out quickly so try never to overcook it. You can test to see whether your meat is cooked by sticking a knife into the thickest part. If the juices run clear, the meat is done. The cooking time for baked chicken depends on the size of the pieces and the other ingredients you are using, as well as your oven.

Bake the meat in a shallow pan, which is big enough for the pieces not to touch one another. Sometimes some chicken pieces are done before the rest so, if this happens, just remove them, and keep them warm under aluminum foil until all of it is ready.

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