German Recipes

German cuisines are the style of cooking which has been derived from the country Germany. If you are fond of German cuisines, then you are going to love this write up. The article is fully devoted to the delicacies of Germany. We eat many foods of other nations but do we realize that quite a few of the food items had their start in Germany? Yes, it’s very true that many of American foods are derived from German cuisines.

If you love to have a good food, then I am sure you are going to be impressed by the given German recipes.

Here, I have described five different as well as very realistic German dishes which are not only simple to make but at the same time palatable. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

German Potato Salad: being a renowned dish, potato salad mainly consists of potatoes which are cooked with bacon, vinegar, sugar and of course salt. The salad can be served warm with bacon dressing. Little variations are always recommended by adding or subtracting the quantity of vinegar and sugar as per your taste.

Frankfurters: a special kind of sausage primarily prepared in the city Frankfurt. German frankfurter is cooked with smoked pork and beef and can be enjoyed with mustard.

Spaetzle: it is a a recipe that consists of tiny noodles made with flour, eggs, milk and salt and normally cooked in boiled water. It can be eaten as a side dish like potatoes or rice, and is usually accompanied with sauce or gravy.

Sauerbraten: it is the most renowned and considered to be the national dish of Germany. It is a German pot roast, usually beef, which are marinated in the mixture of vinegar, spices and seasonings. One can have the sauerbraten with red cabbage or potato dumplings.

Lebkuchen: it is the typical German cookie made espically during Christmas time. The speciality of this cookie lies in the fact that it’s a kind of chewy cookie made with honey, spice, nuts and candied fruits.

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