Cocktails Made With Alcoholic Ginger Beer

Alcoholic ginger beer is a tasty drink on its own, but it also adds a real zing to a cocktail. If you drink it neat it tastes best cold, or poured over ice. It makes a fantastic ice cream sorbet, especially if you use good quality vanilla ice cream.

Ginger beer’s deep, smoky and warm flavour goes especially well with rum. You can make a good cocktail with either white or dark rum, but the nicest combination is definitely with dark rum. The easiest rum cocktail and alcoholic ginger beer cocktail is A Furlong Too Late. You make it by simply mixing 4 flozs of ginger beer with 2 flozs of white rum. For a easy dark rum cocktail try a Dark and Stormy which you make by mixing 2 flozs of dark rum into an glass full of alcoholic ginger beer and ice. Finish the cocktail by running a lime around the rim, and adding another wedge to the cocktail.

The most common mixer for alcoholic ginger beer is another beer. The most obvious candidates are ginger ale, apple cider and pear cider. Mixing these half-and-half all produce lovely long drinks. You can make a nice beer punch by combining a bottle of alcoholic ginger beer with a bottle of lager, a splash of soda water, 2 fl oz of gin and 0.5 floz of lemon juice. Garnish the punch with lemons and slices of ginger.

Non-alcoholic ginger beer is often mixed with whiskey, bourbon, tequila or vodka. The alcoholic version of ginger beer works just as well as a mixer with those spirits. Some people also like it mixed with gin, especially lightly flavoured gins like Gordon’s. If you do mix it with gin, serve it in a sugared glass.

You can use alcoholic ginger beer to make a lovely syrup to be poured over soft fruits. The best kinds of fruits are strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants and blackberries, combined with grated dark chocolate.

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