Height Increasing Shoes And How They Work

Thick sole shoes are widely used for increasing an inch or two of height by people who do not have a good height. As much as 4 inches can be added by wearing the right Height Increasing Shoes and the best part is that nobody will be able to notice the fact that you have put on Height Increasing Shoes. Height Increasing Shoes will be the center of focus in this article and I will tell you how to use them effectively.

Also known as elevator shoes, Height Increasing Shoes became popular with the turn of the twentieth century as more and more short men started wearing them for the purpose of compensating for their lack of height.

The society holds a certain impression when we talk about height which is not some hint that is just happening now but has been going for years. As they elevate or lift the body, Height Increasing Shoes are also synonymous with elevator shoes.

Most Height Increasing Shoes have sole that is normal looking, i.e., around 1 to 1 inches thick. However the trick here is that the inside of the shoe has another insole that adds another 1 – 2 inches to your height. Hence, from the outside, these shoes look just like any other regular shoes but in actual fact, they add almost 3 – 4 inches to your height.

Height Increasing Shoes need to be worn with an outer sole that is regular. A number of people wear extremely thick soles as much as 2.5 inches with a view of looking as tall as they can. This gives away the secret since other people are easily able to distinguish the shoes as being something different. It is extremely important that Height Increasing Shoes are worn with soles that are of average thickness so that the secret remains with you.

If you are looking to wear sports shoes, there is little you can do to appear taller. Most of the sports shoes are designed in such a way that they do not accommodate the insertion of height increasing insoles and therefore if you try to force one inside the shoe, it will wear the shoe out.

Still, you are not out of option as you can wear sports shoes of manufacturers like Nike that, when compared to other athletic footwear, add as much as one extra inch to your height.

You are free to experiment with different types of soles and come up with your very own Height Increasing Shoes which are as you want and perfect for your needs

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