Prospecting For Real Estate Leads On Autopilot

Out of 100 potential buyers, three will likely need your services right now. The rest may require you at a later date. Generally unsuccessful real estate agents concentrate all of their time and resources on finding those three people looking to procure or sell a house right now. The truly successful sales agent uses drip promoting to remain at the top of the prospect’s mind until they are ready to complete the sale.

Fortunately, marketing automation systems allow sales specialists the ability to keep top of mind awareness with all of their contacts. These promoting automation systems also systematically walk potential customers through the sales process even if the sales professional is not involved.

These marketing automation systems are specifically designed to help agents and small businesses automate every one of their prospecting and drip marketing and advertising programs which frees up time and resources to target on getting listings and closing sales.

As a REALTOR, there are a number of marketing automation programs that may suit your needs. Two of the systems that best suit the specific needs of real estate agents and brokers are Infusionsoft or Marketo. Marketo is a bit more inclusive, and also more expensive, but both tools are outstanding at providing you with the ability to quickly establish a complete and comprehensive prospecting, follow up, and drip promoting system.

Both require some investment up-front to develop your messages and the entire follow-up sequence that you want your prospects to go through. However, once the initial work is done, the beauty of selling automation systems is that you can literally set it on auto-pilot and forget about it. selling automation systems do all of the work, sending your prospects through the sales process. You merely pick them up when it is time to close.

For small business professionals and real estate agents, these marketing and advertising systems can effectively replace many of the disparate marketing and prospecting tools commonly in use. Instead of having campaigns going with several vendors to attract consumers, you can consolidate your lead generation and prospecting into one broad tool. You then cleanly automate the process.

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