4 Fashion Journalism Mistakes, With Christina Kelly

It’s easy to assume that those who enjoy writing and have an affinity for clothing might be interested in becoming fashion journalists. Many people are passionate about this field, which goes without saying, as they are able to cover a number of current and upcoming trends alike. However, even the most astute writers can make mistakes, which is why a learning experience is so important. Here are 4 points to consider, for the sake of improvement.

If you’d like to know how to go about fashion journalism, one of the worst steps to take is failing to offer disclosure. To frame this, let’s say that a company supplies you with a product to review, free of charge. You’re going to want to disclose this fact as early into your review or video as possible, so that transparency will be seen. By following this rule, you will be well on your way, and fashion enthusiasts such as Christina Kelly will agree.

What if you become too picky, in regards to publications to write for? Without question, you should make it a point to write for only the most reputable of publications, which makes sense. However, by limiting your scope too much, it’s likely that you will fail to make communications as effectively as you should. This is yet another point to consider if you’re someone who’s looking to make a name for themselves in fashion journalism, or fashion in general like Christina Kelly has.

There’s also the possible failure to proofread work, which is nothing short of problematic. After all, people have certain expectations of different publications, especially when it comes to how their work is structured. While it might go without saying, you should look over your work time and time again, so that everything from spelling to grammar is perfect. Some writers hire proofreaders for this purpose, so you might want to consider following suit as well.

Lastly, you should always treat your audience with the respect that you’d like to be given as a writer. Fashion journalists should know that the success of their work, to a large degree, hinges on the engagement given by readers. As a result, you should make it a point to communicate with them respectably, answering questions and addressing concerns when needed. By doing so, your reputation in this field will become stronger.

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