What To Know About The Kubelwagen

Kubelwagen is the name of a vehicle manufactured by Volkswagen. Over 50,000 of these military vehicles were produced between 1940 and 1945. The literal translation of its name is tub truck, this is because of its resemblance to a bathtub on wheels. Also called the Safari, this vehicle was designed by a man named Ferdinand Porsche.

The Volkswagen company began to build these vehicles during the second World War. These cars were made specifically for the German military forces and the design was primarily taken from that of the Beetle, another VW design. Originally the car was known as Type 62 but was also referred to as Type 82.

The jeep to the Allies was the Kubelwagen to the Germans. It featured mechanics and a rolling chassis done by Stadt des KdF-Wagens. Berlin-based, US-owned firm Ambi Budd Presswerke built the body for the car.

Adolf Hitler formally communicated with Porsche about the design of a lightweight and inexpensive military vehicle in January of 1938. He requested a transport vehicle that would be reliable off and on road, even in extreme conditions. Early on it was decided that the Beetle could be used as a framework. Porsche started to work on this project immediately, drafting a prototype within a month. He realized that the Beetle chassis was not enough to handle the military use and decided to make small changes because of this.

The testing of prototypes started at the end of the year 1938. The car was liked for its ability to move efficiently in differing terrains. It included self-locking differential, which made up for the 4×4 capabilities it lacked. It also weighed little. In 1943, the American military forces did tests on Type 82s that were captured in North Africa. In doing this, they realized that the vehicle was more comfortable, simple and faster, and easier to make and maintain than the jeeps they were using.

Additional developments were done in 1939 on the Type 62. Just a year later, in 1940, the full-scale production of Type 82 was being done. No big changes were done before production ceased in 1945. Following WWII, Volkswagen took the general design for this vehicle and used it in order to construct Type 181. This car had a similar appearance and design but contained no interchangeable parts with Type 82.

The vehicle was considered good for military usage. Numerous design elements contributed t its overall effectiveness in performance. It did not weigh much, more than 300 kg or 660 lbs less than Willys MB. It also had a flat and smooth underbody. This made it possible for it to slide over any surface. The Kubelwagen had a ground clearance of 28 cm or 11 in.

Requested by Adolf Hitler and designed by Ferdinand Porsche, the Volkswagen Kubelwagen was a military vehicle produced between 1940 and 1945. The vehicle came equipped with numerous design elements that made it ideal for military settings and usage. It was also referred to as Type 62, Type 82, Safari and Bucket or Tub Car. The design of this road vehicle was largely based on that of the VW Beetle, but some changes were made to fit the rough terrains and combat settings in which the vehicle would be used.

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