Useful Information About The Kissel Motor Car Company

The Kissel Motor Car Company has its roots in Wisconsin. The company’s home office and manufacturing plants were in Hartford, Wisconsin. They were in business from 1906 until 1930, when they filed for bankruptcy. They were a great example of American excellence in manufacturing. It is sad that only 150 vehicles made by this firm are still around today. Some of the models made by this auto manufacturer are highly praised by antique car enthusiasts.

Some of the motor cars that have survived are stored in museums or other similar institutions. Their product line was quite varied. In addition to passenger automobiles, they built fire trucks, police vehicles, ambulances, hearses, and military vehicles. The United States military was a big customer. The company was quite patriotic and supported American war efforts. The were a major producers of outboard boat engines.

There are some celebrities who are associated with this car company. The famous female aviator, Amelia Earhart, purchased a 1923 Model 45 Speedster “Goldbug”. This car had a six cylinder, 41 horse power engine. Amelia Earhart loved driving cars almost as much as she loved flying airplanes. She even gave the car some nicknames. Sometimes she called her car “Kizzle” and, at other times, she called the car “Yellow Peril”. The second name was based on the bright yellow color of her “Goldbug”. The actual “Yellow Peril” is on public display at an auto museum in Denver, Colorado.

Fatty Arbuckle, a corpulent Hollywood comedic movie star, bought a 1919 Speedster “Goldbug”. Celebrity types were attracted to the stylish, sporty look. The sports models were painted bright exotic colors. The shape and cut of the lines invoked adventure and an hint of danger. With this in mind, it is easy to understand how an adventuress and a movie star would desire to own one.

If these cars were being made today, people would say they are “hip”. This is the same impact they had when they were being made back in the day. They were sophisticated, a little gaudy, but still aesthetically fulfilling. The engineering was considered impeccable. They contributed to setting the standard for excellence in automobile design.

Every vehicle was manufactured using an aesthetic sensibility that does not exist today. Stylish, sporty, suave are some of the adjectives that could be applied. Fortunately, classic and antique car enthusiasts can tour museums where the great motor cars of the past are on public display. Another venue would be car shows and similar events. There is nothing like being able to see these machines for yourself.

Car shows, museums, and other similar events are the the best ways to see the actual motor cars. It is an experience the whole family will enjoy. This is an educational trip, but still loads of fun. It is difficult to describe in words. When you see classic cars right in front of you, it can be an awesome experience.

For enthusiasts and fans of vintage and antique motor cars, Kissel will have a special place in their hearts. Thankfully there are a few of these exquisite machines for us to still enjoy. Visiting museums, shows, and special events helps keep the spirit of vintage cars alive.

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