Know The Facts Before Passing Up On The Purchase Of Add Rental Insurance For Your Car Hire

Many people advise others not to pay for supplemental car insurance through a car rental agent. They claim that you are well covered through your own car insurance and the major credit card that you are using to pay for your rental. These two things to help to insure the vehicle you are driving. But keep in mind that things like your deductible will factor into the amount and level of damage that your insurance company is willing to pay out for.

When you rent a car, you assume responsibility for all damages to the car, even minor damages such as scratches, dings or dents. Through no fault of your own the car could get damaged, while you are parked in a garage and nowhere near the vehicle, but you are still liable based on the terms of the rental agreement.

If minor damage like this were to occur, it is very possible that the cost of repairs would be so little that your personal insurance company and your credit card company would not cover these charges. It is also possible that if minor damage were to occur, and you called the police and your insurance company immediately, that you may still be billed by the rental agency even if you thought the matter was resolved.

Typically, the cost to repair these scratches, dents or dings is less than $1000. Supplemental car insurance can cost as little as $10 a day. Supplemental car insurance can provide peace of mind, and not have you worrying about whether or not your car insurance or credit card company will cover the cost of minor damage.

If the cost to repair minor damage is under $1000, it is easy to see why many still think it would not be worth it to purchase the supplemental insurance. However, considering the fact that the supplemental insurance could have cost you between $50-$100, the insurance would provide significant savings. Add on top of that the aggravation and hassle of dealing with the paperwork necessary if the car did get damaged, and the supplemental insurance may be worth it in the long run.asd

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