Travel To Costa Rica For Good Times With Manuel Antonio Paddleboards

SUP. No, it is not a hipster greeting, SUP actually stands for stand up paddle. It is the latest craze in recreational water sports. Popularized in 1960s in Hawaii, then reintroduced at the turn of the millennium, stand up paddle boarding has gone through an evolution since the ancient Peruvian origins five thousand years ago. Today, Manuel Antonio paddleboards offer an entire range of SUP experiences along the stunning Pacific coastline.

One of the first things to learn about paddle boarding is that the sport requires specific equipment. It is wise not to just hop on a regular surfboard and try to paddle off into the sunset. A stand up board, or SUB, is not at all the same as a long board. Instead, a well-designed SUB will make paddling and balancing easier, so you can glide with little effort rather than struggle for control.

Learning to paddle board is not that difficult and can be done quickly in Manuel Antonio, so you do not miss the fun. You learn to use a single oar, holding it correctly and switching it back and forth on either side. Another thing to learn is how to move from standing to kneeling, then to sitting, and reversing the process. Learning balance and weight distribution, changing strategies to account for wind and water conditions, and maneuvering through turns are also necessary.

Laird Hamilton and other professional surfers are responsible for bringing back the popularity of modern day paddle boarding. They discovered it as a fitness tool. Even carrying it to the beach is a workout. A popular way to use paddleboards for fitness in Manuel Antonio is yoga workouts on the boards. You balance on the boards out in the water while going through a series of poses. The experience is much more relaxing, especially ending with a floating meditation.

You can choose one of these diverse paddleboard tours in Manuel Antonio for a quiet time on the water. One tour takes you through the mangroves where you will see exotic birds, reptiles and other wildlife in one of the most bio diverse and sensitive ecosystems in Costa Rica. The other will have you gliding across clear water staring into the turquoise at abundant marine life. It is a perspective you could not duplicate sitting or lying on it.

Paddle boarders who are looking for a more adventurous experience can join surfers on Manuel Antonio Beach when the surf is up. If you are a novice, guides can help you learn to catch a wave safely and teach you surfing etiquette that will help you avoid problems with fellow surfers. More experienced SUP surfers will enjoy the excellent waves this beach has to offer.

Consider a combination tour that pairs stand up paddle boarding with another exciting activity, like hiking into the jungles of Manuel Antonio National Park. Gain an opportunity to see monkeys, sloths, and other amazing wildlife, and experience hidden waterfalls and secluded swimming holes.

Try this hot new watersport in Costa Rica, and get out on the water with Manuel Antonio paddleboards. Whether gliding calm waters, navigating tropical mangroves, pairing paddle boarding with another activity, or stand up paddle surfing, there is something for everyone.

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