Tips To Consider On A Winter Drive

If you are planning to take a long drive particularly in winter season, there are certain things you need to make sure in order to have a comfortable journey.

Proper information about the road and weather condition: Internet can be of great assistance to check the weather forecasts. The traveler should make a list of all necessary hotlines and should keep an eye on them every now and then.

Alertness and being in control:

While driving in winter the driver should be very alert. He must always drive according to the highway and weather conditions. He should always maintain a safe distance between his and the vehicle in front of him to avoid any bad situation which can arise due to sudden use of breaks.

Slowing down while snowing :

A very simple rule for driving safe in winter is to drive slowly. The driver should slow down his speed by 55% in snowy condition. Driving fast in snowy condition looks too cool in TV advertisements but it’s far too dangerous and hard while driving your own car so, the driver must always keep his speed slow compared to driving in normal conditions.

Keep a check on tire pressure :

The tire should be kept in good condition while driving in winter. The cold weather decreases the air pressure of tires so check and adjust it every now and then. The tread depth of tire should be at least 1/8th inch.

In snowy condition, good snow tires with lugs will perform better than any other tire which are used in normal condition. While travelling in snowy areas the driver should always carry traction-control device like snow chain with him.

Rest stops :

Driving in winter is more fatiguing compared to drive in summer so the driver should stop in every hour or so. He must get out of the vehicle and stretch. It will not take more than 5 or 10 minutes to gain back the level of alertness.

Drink water while travelling in winter:

If the weather is chilly dehydration can’t occur but a study of mayo clinic proved that as less as 1-2 percent weight loss from the body can lead to fatigue and reduced alertness both of which can prove fatal while driving. Drink at least 5-6 bottles of 16 ounce of water per day. Water bottles must be kept with driver in the driver compartment itself as they will get freeze if stored in a trunk or any other cool place.

If the things mentioned above are taken care of, you can be sure of having a safe and happy journey even in winters.

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