Police Impounds- Buying Cars At A Bargain

If you are looking for used cars, one of the avenues is the Police impounds, where you can try your luck. Most of the wares in Police impounds auction are offered at 50 to 60 % of the value of the new ones. It is an excellent opportunity to get a car at very less rates. Only you may have to spend a little more time and efforts going through the details and history of the impounds.

There are many automobiles which are impounded by Police during the course of raids and operations. These vehicles may have been used by the crooks as get away vehicles or it could be a part of recovery of stolen funds etc. These vehicles will cost the state a huge amount in expenses incurred by the way of storage space and maintenance. Hence they are auctioned after the legal proceedings.

The automobiles impounded by Police include a wide array of vehicles of every type and make. It includes cars, pick-ups, caravans, Sedans and mini trucks etc. You can also choose the vehicles from any manufactures of your choice.

You have to carefully select the vehicles as some of the vehicles may be in very good working condition but some may be involved in accidents or has been damaged during the course of police operation.

Therefore you have to inspect the vehicle very carefully before you make the bids. Only then can you get a real good bargain.

You must keep in mind that you can inspect the vehicles much before the auction date. The rules may differ from auction to auction. Some authorities allow the bidder to test drive the vehicle while some others may allow you only to start the vehicle but not to test drive.

If you do not know much about the mechanics of an automobile it is better to take an expert who is well versed with the working of the vehicle to give you a fair idea of the running condition of the vehicle.

The final results of the inspection should be used to decide the maximum value of the vehicle. Compare the prices with the current market price and also make allowance for depreciations.

Set the range of price you are willing to pay and bid within this range.

Remember to decide the price beforehand and with a cool head. Do not bid beyond the range which you have set or if you get yourself carried away during the auction you will end up by paying more.

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