Improve Customer Relations By Using A Truck Laptop Desk

A good truck laptop desk assists you in many ways; it allows easy access to your laptop for quick work such as checking and sending emails, downloading files. Truck laptop desks are big time savers, especially when you get stuck in a traffic jam. Other people waste their time in a traffic congestion, but you can take advantage of the situation, open your laptop and work. With a truck laptop desk, any emergency emails can be solved, even when you are on the road or on a job site. In this post, we’ll shop around Pro Desks online stores to see what they have to offer.

We are going to take a look at the advanced features of the amazing Pro Desks Enforcer II, Dominator and Navigator truck laptop desks. With the Enforcer II, the height adjustable main pole allows you to bring the vehicle computer mounts desktop position up or down ensuring you a perfect fit. The articulating arm can be brought up and over, allowing you to make any adjustments for larger consoles. The Enforcer II vehicle laptop desk is designed for serious applications.

Enforcer II comes with a strong articulating arm, allowing users to turn the laptop desk from side to side. With thanks to this feature, you can operate on your laptop from either side of the vehicle, even from the outside of the vehicle. No light duty mobile computing products can be compared to the Enforcer II in terms of quality and durability.

Another choice for truck owners is the Dominator truck laptop desk. The four shock pads on the Dominator truck laptop mount help raise your laptop a few inches from the desk while allowing passive air flow. With the presence of these shock pads, your laptop is totally protected from the shock and vibration on the go. The Dominator truck laptop mount helps correct your working posture. Both the driver and the passenger can work on the laptop without any difficulties. The height of this truck mount is adjustable; which means you can easily find the right position to suit your needs. The product has a no-drill base, so the standing height can be removed from it quickly. This truck laptop mount does not obstruct the passenger seat. Simply adjust it a little bit and the passenger can work on the laptop easily.

Pro Desks has just also introduced the Navigator truck laptop holder which fits laptops of all sizes. The presence of this truck laptop holder will quickly turn your truck into a convenient mobile office. The laptop desk can swivel either front to back in order to get the ideal position or you can even adjust the position of the keyboard in the position that you are comfortable with.

Navigator is among the most durable truck laptop holders currently available. Transferring this truck laptop holder is easy and can be done with just a few tools. You can change your truck many times in life but you need to purchase this product once. You just need to remove the base and then install it to the new truck. This is a no-drilling product so no truck modifications are required. You can have a passenger as usual without worrying that the desk system will affect the movement of him. The desk system can swivel, tilt or turn, allowing your passenger to work on the laptop as well.

The advantages a truck laptop desk brings you are undeniable. However, there are clear differences in quality and prices between light-duty truck laptop desks and the advanced ones. Understanding your needs is important before you decide to purchase any truck desk models.

Pro Desks have several truck desks models to offer. For more information, please feel free to visit Pro Desks online stores.

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