Ford Mustang 428 Cobra – The Car With Muscle

The Ford Mustang 428 Cobra is a real brute among the cars of its genre.

The Mustang commands respect which is it is fully justified since it brought a revolution in the small car segment. The first Ford Mustang featured a V390 engine which was the best and most powerful engine at that time. The latest models have all the Gizmos and latest furnishings which are commonly seen in any luxury car.

It has new Bucket seats, knitted vinyl covers, an optional folding rear seat, slippery roofline, molded doors, and new streamlined externals. The Ford Mustang 428 Cobra Jet is a highly desirable rare masterpiece. Only 3,959 Mustangs were built in 1970 with the 428 Cobra Jet engine was made making it a very rare entity and much sought after by collectors. These models also featured minor changes from its predecessors with single headlamps inside and air intakes in the front and behind.

A very special edition which was named 1970 Mach 1 was also built. Only 320 of these were manufactured and remains the most precious possession with any collector. The 428 Cobra Jets converted the Pony Car into a piece of machinery bristling with tremendous power.

The history of the Cobra engine is also very interesting. Its genesis was dated to 1965 when Ford joined hands with Carroll Shelby and began making an improved version of the earlier engines.

The original 289 cubic inch small block was replaced by the 427 cubic inch version which could produce a power of 370 kW and a maximum speed of 290 km/hr. It could not be added as an official entry into the racing circuits; still it performed creditably in the hands of private racers.

Strangely in 1969 Ford deleted the 427 cubic inch blocks and also the mechanical valve lifters and the car lost much of its punch and power. Ford Mustang 428 Cobra was a great car and did everything which a car racer buff would like to do. It is the most loved car coming out of the house of Ford.

The Ford Mustang 428 Cobra was a very important step in the development of the car and automobile technology. The car was far beyond its years when it was introduced in the early 70’s.

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