European Auto Repair And Maintenance Service In Central Alberta

Every car owner has to face car breakdowns some times in their life. Car breakdowns often happen unexpectedly and cause many troubles to the car owners, especially if the car is a European auto model. If you own a car like this, it is recommended that you take note some of the most reliable European auto repair shops in your region where you can bring your car to whenever it has any breakdowns. If you live in Central Alberta, there is one reliable shop named Alberta European Motorworks which specializes in repair and maintaining European autos.

AEMW shop has been in this business for years and received good feedback from previous customers who have brought their European cars to be serviced here. AEMW owns a team of European auto repair experts. Some of the European auto they service are BMW, Ferrari, Land Rover, Mercedes, Mini Cooper, Porsche, Volkswagen, Smart, Lexus, Lamborghini, Jaguar, Bentley, Audi, Aston Martin, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes Sprinter Van, and Lotus. They also offer some optional service, such as car tuning.

People, who are working for AEMW Company, are professionals with several years of experience, and they have years of full training and appropriate qualification to offer you the best possible services. They created specialized maintenance programs for cars, which ensure non-problematic operation of your car for many years. They say that they are legally authorized to perform regularly scheduled maintenance on all new vehicles, and that the vehicle manufacturer is bound to honor its warranty obligations. There are four useful scheduled programs for your cars.

In maintenance schedule one, AEMW will inspect your car’s cooling system, transmission, brakes, windshield washer and power steering. Drive belt inspection, visual inspection of front and rear wheel driving systems, suspension, universal joints and boots are also included. This schedule also consists of oil change, oil filter replacement, leak detection, visual inspection of the exhaust system. According to AEMW, this maintenance schedule can be done three or four times per year or every 5000 – 10,000 km.

Schedule program number 2 includes thorough road test, tire rotation, thorough inspection of steering components and suspension, wheel alignment, charging system of battery and connections, braking system service, inspection of the air filter, and other features in the car. Salespersons recommend repeating this program at least yearly or every 24,000 km.

A more in-depth schedule is schedule number three. For this schedule, your car will experience clutch system inspection, compliance system inspection, fuel filter replacement, spark plug inspection, ignition system inspection and a few more maintenance jobs. This schedule should be applied every two years.

If the three schedules above do not meet your maintenance requirements, then you should go for the last schedule, schedule number four. With this advanced schedule, you just have your car maintained at AEMW every four years. Schedule four includes schedule one, two , three and more things such as ignition cables replacement, spark plug replacement, ignition system cleaning, timing belt replacement.

In summary, if you own a European auto and you live in Central Alberta, Alberta European Motorworks is the recommended address for you. Bringing your car to this shop for a simple repair or a thorough maintenance and you’ll soon be pleased with what they do.

AEMW is ideally located in Red Deer, Alberta. If you are looking for an address where you can bring your car for a full European auto maintenance schedule Alberta, please feel free to visit their official websites.

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