Distracted Driving And Accidents

Statistics show that the second largest cause of highway accidents after drunken driving is Distraction while driving. Any average modern Car or any other automobile is bristling with Gizmos like cell phones, media players, GPS tracking system and computers with internet. All these bring the whole world to our finger tips but equally increasing the chances of getting distracted while driving, thus endangering his own life and the life of others. Drunken driving has remained the bane of any driver and causes of numerous fatal accidents.

But equally alarming is the increase in statistics of accidents caused due to distraction like listening to the phone or hearing music or viewing a movie. Accidents caused due to such distractions are treated as serious crime and if you hurt someone due to your negligence is entitled for a sizable compensation since it was not the fault of the victim. Attending cell calls while driving is considered more dangerous than over-speeding

It is a common misconception that blue tooth or hands-free are ideal and can be used while driving. Studies have shown that the reaction time of the driver is almost the same while using a hand-held phone or a hands-free phone.

In fact many states taking cue by the findings of the studies have enacted legislations to ban altogether the use of cell phone while driving. Even more hazardous than attending a cell call is receiving or sending text messages.

A majority of distracted driving was caused when the driver was either reading or sending text messages. While reading a text message the driver no longer has his eyes on the road. This increases the reaction time of the driver in the event of an emergency.

There could be other causes of distracting like ogling at a hoarding featuring a glamorous image of a woman or man.

Another common cause of distraction is when you are searching a shop or an address while driving. Any form of distraction has a potential for causing accidents. The most unfortunate part of distracted driving is that due to drivers’ negligence another person gets injured or killed.

Hence we owe it to ourselves and the people around us to remain alert with all your senses intact while driving. In fact the law has come down very heavily on persons who have caused death or injuries to the people driving or walking on the road due to distracted driving. The victims have been paid heavy financial compensations.

Regardless of the cause of the distraction, the result is the same: a driver who is unable to properly drive his or her vehicle.

Drivers who aren’t paying enough attention to the road are astronomically more likely to cause an accident – an accident that could hurt others as well as themselves. You owe it to your own safety, as well as the safety of those around you, to be a responsible steward of the road.

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