Who will buy my car for the best price?

Its quite easy to obtain a valuation for your car online but that doesnt really mean a thing until someone actually writes you out a cheque to buy it!

Most UK car dealers subscribe to vehicle valuation data providers such as CAP and Glass’s Guide to help give them an indication to the market value of cars. This data isnt perfect however and even the two providers will disagree with eachother.

The trouble is with the market constantly changing dealer will tell you that the valuation data they might download or have posted to them on Monday is probably out of date by tuesday.

Some things that the guides dont cover are:

* A saleable colour? or Bright Orange?

* Higher or lower than expected mileage for the year

* Interior condition

* Useful extras such as Alloy Wheels, Sat Nav

* If the Make and Model is currently sought after

* Presence of service history documents

* Is there a lot of work required to prepare the car for sale?

Simple things like a lengthy MOT a good Spare Tyre will help whereas Bling Bling wheels and a loud sports exhaust could actually do the opposite!

The time of year is also important especially for soft tops!

Where abouts in the UK are you trying to sell?

Location is of course a major part of the value of a house – did you know it also affects cars too?

Each dealer knows their own market and typical customer. If most of their customers tend to be young, they will shy away from a car demanding high insurance costs, whereas a rural dealer may be specifically looking for an extra- powerful 44.

The dealers know what will sell at their individual locations and what they will be stuck with.

All this means that the offers you receive from our network of buyers may be considerably more, or considerably less, than any guide price.

The greatest test

There is nothing better than cash in your hand when it comes to a valuation – what somebody is willing to actually pay for your car!

The best way you can obtain lots of offers with minimal hassle is to use a cash for car comparison website. That way you will receive lots of offers and know you are maximising your chances of a decent price.

By offering your car to lots of different dealers you can be sure of a realistic price without any drama!

If you want to find a comparison website for cash offers on your car simply type in “cash for car comparison website” into google and click search.

Want to find out more about how to sell a car, then visit the site Tony Fasulo recommends at cash for car comparison websites for your needs.

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