The Stories Of Ships Overpowered By Oceans

Everyone knows that the ocean covers almost two-thirds of the earth’s total area. Within these majestic oceans rest some three million sunken ships. The CT Toyota dealers opine that this amount means tons of metal wasted inside the sea. With that amount, many vehicles of Toyota in CT could be generated. Toyota CT uses much less metal when it comes to vehicle manufacturing. The difficult bit is that this metal from sunken ships is very difficult to withdraw from the depths of the ocean.

There have been several reasons as to why such ships drowned to the bottom of the sea. There have been facts proving that certain storms have taken away several boats and ships. Many were ruined in battles or due to fire. Not to forget the renowned and mysterious Titanic that sunk after hitting an iceberg. Tragic as the drowning of ships seems, many people enjoy this topic and even go beneath the sea to observe the ruins of the ships for themselves. Among the different incidents of the sunken ships, Titanic tops the list. The incident has been depicted through several books and movies. The reason for this ship receiving this much hype was because its constructors boasted a lot regarding its invincibility. Moreover, it was occasionally boarded by the influential class and the ship had the ideal services one could think of at that time. These included sports like squash courts, Turkish baths, gyms, swimming pools, etc. The gigantic ship took away 1,500 lives.

You even, might have come across the story of Andrea Doria. Synthesized in Italy and launched in 1951, this ship was one more symbol of extravagance. The ship met with its doom five years after it was constructed when it collided\bumped with a Swedish freighter, Stockholm, while moving through dence fog. The thing that became a mystery and thus a cause of debate was the reason for its clash.

Another favorite one was the British RHM Rhome that was hit by a hurricane in 1867. The place where the ship sank was the Salt Island in the British Virgin Islands. The ship landed on top of a dangerous black rock and was split into two. The captain went missing and was never known again. Only 23 individuals were lucky enough to survive the wreckage.

The age of drowned ships spans throughout ancient times. The well known Mary Rose built in 1511 was one of the first battleships capable of firing broadside. Unfortunately, high winds and water came into the gun ports which caused the ship to overturn. The maestro drowned along with 90 guns on deck. The remains of the ship were not discovered until 1971. These sunken ships in past times have left a lot behind for archeologists to study and their research shows a lot regarding the people who used to sail the seas and their cultures. This work however, is not so easy. It calls for a great deal of expertise and hard work to analyze these finds. In addition, one must posses the passion for treasure hunting.

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