The Ferrari and Their History

Don’t you ever notice that seeing a Ferrari always make people give a second look? If this modern car is not enough to make your friends jealous, then you would probably wonder what could. The Ferrari is one of the most popular sport vehicles in the world, and its default red color has even been named as Ferrari Red in other industries. If you want to own one and cannot afford a brand new one, you will be amazed that even the pre-owned and second hand styles are enough to give you that character in driving such a fancy modern car. But how did he start from simple race car enthusiast to world renowned business conglomerate?

It all started in 1929, when all Enzo wanted was to help support amateur drivers win their races. With obvious influence from his parents and being a constant companion in racing events, Enzo Ferrari also started to take a keen interest in building the perfect accessory to his racecar driving. It was only after fifteen years of sponsoring races that he decides to build his own road car. After the release of their first road car, they never stopped since.

You’ve probably heard of the Gestione Sportiva, but did you know that it used to be called Scuderia Ferrari? Scuderia in Italy means stable, but also referred to as Team Ferrari. In the past, Team Ferrari drivers would use Alfa Romeos for their races. Enzo Ferrari joined the Alfa Romeo team in the late 1930s and also built a few designs of his own. The esteemed company wanted to acquire Scuderia Ferrari, but he did not want to sell it. Instead, he decided to leave Alfa Romeo and build a company of his own.

Enzo Ferrari’s name became more popular as the years went by. Three years after placing second in the Targa Floria, he had the opportunity to be in the presence of high society. Count Enrico Baracca took a great interest in Enzo’s driving skills, and his wife Countess Paolina Baracca could not agree more. This was during the Circuit of Sivocci in Ravenna. The high-ranking couple was proud to have a son in Francesco Baracca, a well-known pilot in his generation, but he passed away in Mount Montello during the time of the war. Francesco had a badge that illustrated a horse behind a yellow shield. This continues to symbolize Ferrari’s historical logo, representing the actual badge that the count and countess gave Enzo during one of his races.

Enzo Ferrari worked for Alfa Romeo for the next couple of years, but he did not want to be constrained. Using the prancing horse as his logo, he started to work on the Scuderia Ferrari team, which entered in various racing competitions. By the 1930s, with eight victories and several awards in over 22 racing events, Enzo knew that he could make more out of his talent.

Leaving Alfa Romeo prompted Enzo to launch a company named Auto-Avio Costruzioni Ferrari. This was during the World War II, and his company became a victim to bombings and destruction. This did not stop him from pursuing his dream, and by 1946, he created the Ferrari 125 Sport, also known as Ferrari’s first motorcar. The legendary vehicle proved to be a winner. After winning the Ferrari’s first race in 1947, it continued to enjoy victory in several different races, and over the next few decades, the Ferrari has enjoyed over 5,000 first place victories in the world of racecar driving. Even when Enzo passed away in 1988, the legacy of the legendary Ferrari continues to live on until today.

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