The 5 Lowest-Priced Car Brands In The Indian Auto-Industry!

Automobile is a high involvement product and its purchase behavior is identified by the fact that consumers want to spend less but have the best available. This consumer behavior analysis was adopted by Tata, an Indian car manufacturer, which produced Nano, the lowest priced car in the country as well as in the world. This industrial sector of the economy is marked with cut throat competition amongst the players, where each one is trying to come up with a car that can sweep away the market share of competitors. In this regards, Tata has faced tough competition from other cars manufactures like Suzuki which is planning to launch a new car, Cervo, within the price bracket of 2.2 lakh Rupees. This article will highlight the dire competition amongst various players to produce the lowest priced car in the market, by keeping in limelight, the top 5 cheapest or the most affordable cars in India today.

Tata Nano

Tata Nano is regarded as the market leader in the Indian auto industry particularly in the category of low priced cars. Taking into account the engine performance and specifications, it has a two-cylinder multi-injection petrol engine as well as two-cylinder gasoline engine attached with a shaft to balance it. It has a 623cc engine with a power of 33ps. The engine performance is outstanding because it is a highly fuel efficient car. Moreover, other features like strong seat, crumple zones, seat belts, anchorages, intrusion-resistant doors, rear tailgate glass, also add to its worth. The approximate price range of the car is between 1.5 to 1.7 lakh rupees.

Maruti 800

Maruti 800 is a fuel efficient car which has had a great market share. But, currently it has got phased out from at least thirteen different cities in the country, mainly because it has not been upgraded by the manufacturer. Therefore, it is assumed that the Maruti 800 will be replaced by a new launch of Suzuki Motors, by the name of, Cervo. Maruti 800 came with features like four-valve cylinder engine producing 45bhp. It also was launched with five speed manual transmission but was discontinued later on. The engine is a fuel efficient one which takes the car up to 20 km in one litre. The car is priced within the range of 1.89 to 2.4 lakh rupees.

Maruti Alto

It is considered as a brand extension of Maruti 800, with a three cylinder, four valves per cylinder, 796cc, MPFI, FC engine with 32 bit ECM. The engine produces a power of 47ps at 6200rpm. And it produces a torque of 62 nm at 3000rpm. The fuel efficiency is almost the same as that of Maruti 800; 21 km/lt on highways and 17-18km/lt in the city. The other features of the car include AC, remote fuel lid opener, power steering etc. The car is priced within the range of Rs 2,28,814 – Rs 2,77,696

Hyundai Santro

Santro by Hyundai has had a great market share in the Indian auto industry. The main features of the car include active intelligence and distribution less ignition system which make its engine a lot more fuel efficient, powerful with less emission. It also has high performance suspension stabilizers that help the car remain under control while driving, thus giving a smooth driving experience. The price range of the car is between Rs 2, 71,322 – Rs 3, 79,882

Chevrolet Spark

General Motors stylish car, Chevrolet Spark, comes with a 955cc engine. The engine power is 48.5Kw and torque is 87.3NM. Spark runs for 16.9km/lt. It has an exquisite style with well defined v shapes bonnet and tiny slits for bonnet intake, along with pointy headlights that add to its unique shape. The price range is between 3.1 to 4.25 lakh rupees.

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