Motorcycle Helmet Types and Brands

There are a number of helmets that people can use while riding their motorcycles. Many people do not understand the differences between the helmets that riders use. They sometimes even order or go for the wrong type of helmet. Some of the most common categories of helmets are given below, showing the advantages of using each of them in a way that will benefit the user.

Types of motorcycle helmets:

The first kind is the full face helmet. They are the most protective ones and do come with a shield that will cover the entire user’s head from such things as rain, wind and dust. They also contain a shield that switches from tint to light depending on the exterior conditions. The advantage of utilizing this helmet is that it will be the best 1 for quick riders, making it more manageable for them, and it offers the most protection if an accident occurs.

The next is the off road one. It is lighter and used mainly for riders who fly high with the bikes. It contains a protrusion that shields the rough rider from potential head damage in case of an accident. Though it does not have a shield, it has room enough for the rider’s goggles.

The next kind is the modular style. This one is an actual twist to the full face 1. It is utilized much more so for the city dweller that makes quick stops at a fuel point, or makes frequent stops for a smoke. The design therefore incorporates the use of a quicker opening towards the chin strap, so that the helmet is effortlessly removed or worn.

Top Motorcycle Helmet Brands

1 from the biggest manufacturers of motorcycle helmets is HJC. It has grown since 1971 specializing in every other kind of helmet, including the ones mentioned above. The exclusive manufacturing of helmets has made the model have a worldwide market, making it possible to avail its product to the top most motor sport events in America and beyond. It’s since 1992 maintained its initial position as the number one model in helmet manufacturing. This is mostly due to the outstanding affordability from the model and also the high quality with which it comes with.

Another big producer is Shoei Kako Ltd. It had a humble beginning in 1959 and one year later, it acquired a large facility where it could maintain its consistent production of these helmets. It has with time grown to produce racing helmets and by the year 1999, racing champions were sponsored by the same company.

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