Infiniti’s 2010 G37 Is A Top Contender In The Entry Level Luxury Segment

One of Infiniti’s most popular and eye catching cars is the sleek and beautiful G37. This is a true beauty that stands out on the road due to its distinct front and smooth, muscular lines. It functions great as an everyday driver but also offers the superior performance and sporty handling to rival entry-level luxury cars from BMW or Mercedes but at a price that is much friendlier to your wallet. For 2010 the G37 has been revamped and dressed up with a new set of headlights and a larger and more distinct grille. The G37 is available as a coupe, sedan or a hard top convertible.

Four trim levels are available: base, Journey, G37X and Sport 6MT. All of the models except the Sport 6MT version utilize automatic transmission. The sedan version is ideal if you have passengers frequently as some car reviewers have stated that the back seats in the coupe and convertible may be a tad cramped at times. The coupe is perfect if you are looking for sporty ride and the convertible is just right for cruising during the summer.

This luxury car is powered by a 3.7 Liter V6 with 330 HP and 270 lb feet of torque. WEL technology continually adjusts valve lift for a speedier response and more effective mileage. The acceleration is a breeze and yet the ride is extremely smooth. There is adaptive cruise control in place which always keeps your vehicle within safe driving distance from the car ahead, even when in cruise control mode. Gas mileage is pretty decent for the sedan version at 19 mpg in the city and 27 mpg on the freeway.

The G37 offers a cabin that is luxurious and intelligently designed; the front seats are appointed with leather and adjustable eight different ways and temperature controlled. Many options are available for the G37 including an advanced navigation system with turn by turn directions and traffic updates, a high tech Bose audio system that is USB and IPod compatible. There is even a 9.3 gig music box available which allows you to store all of your favorite songs. The USB port is located in the arm rest and allows you to plug in your Ipod for easy listening. An optional rear view monitor is available which displays how close objects are behind you. One really cool feature with the G37 is that the gauges actually move in sync with the steering wheel so they are always easily visible. The instrument panel is backlit in blue which gives the cabin a cool high-tech look. In terms of cargo space the sedan has a 13.5 cubic feet trunk space whereas the coupe has a much smaller 7.4 cubic feet.

Infiniti engineers designed with safety foremost and included features such as airbags with seatbelt and passenger sensors, traction control, anti lock brakes, and electronic stability control. The convertible version also has pop-up roll bars which activate during a roll over. Vehicle Dynamic Control is in place to adjust oversteer and understeer by selectively applying brakes and the Brake Assist System helps to apply maximum brake force during immediate halts.

With all of these great features it isn’t hard to see why the G37 is one of Infiniti’s most popular cars. At starting price for a G37 sedan is around $34k, this car is a great deal for buyers who have a thirst for a great looking high performance luxury car at a competitive price. This car is good looking, fast, has all the right curves and if you are a fan of Infiniti, then you will love the all new 2010 G37.

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