How Can I Make My Own Car Care Products?

Are you searching for the ideal wedding anniversary gift for your loved one? Just in case your loved one or partner is a car enthusiast, presenting a gift of different kinds of car grooming products would surely be appreciated.

Manufacturing Your Own Car Grooming Products

Nevertheless, most car grooming products available these days are made with artificial and toxic substances (perhaps the chamois cloths are an exemption). This is a great drawback, considering the amount of time most people spend inside their cars. You have to find a way to help lower your guy’s exposure to harmful vapors emitted by car grooming products.

There is no question that you would want that your partner to be safe always; you could never imagine that something intended to be good would in the long run cause harm. So, in order to prevent that harm, why not make your own homemade car grooming products instead? Some are relatively easy to make, and you can have a large batch to give out to friends and loved ones who are enthusiastic about their cars.

Homemade Car Grooming Shampoo

Soap gel, which is the main component for the homemade car grooming shampoo, is quite easy to make. Collect soap scraps or you can grate a bar of soap. Place the chopped up or grated soap on a heavy-bottomed pot and pour boiling water over it. Leave the mixture in a safe place where the soap can melt; it should form a liquid with the consistency of shampoo or thicker than this. So, you’ve created the soap gel that will be the main ingredient for any car grooming product you wish to make.

To make a car grooming shampoo, prepare a bucket with four liters of water and then pour in about one-half cup of soap gel. Then, for scent, add 8 to twelve drops of lemon-scented essential oil (you can select other scents). Stir until the mixture is well blended. Then, you can pour the homemade car grooming shampoo into bottles. So, if you are presenting this homemade car grooming product to your guy, enclose a soft brush. Then both of you can set a date to wash his car together.

Clay bars made from plant-based materials are perfect for car polish. For your car polishing needs, contact us today. This article, How Can I Make My Own Car Care Products? is available for free reprint.

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