Alfa Romeo US Return Is Really Severe On This Occasion, Again

An Alfa Romeo US return is going to happen, claims Fiat. They are really serious over it on this occasion, just like they were serious about this back in the Clinton administration.

Going back to US

For a while, Fiat has been guaranteeing the return of its luxury brand Alfa Romeo to the States. The brand fits between two other Fiat brands that are a little more luxurious and just a little less.

Fiat said that Alfa would come back in 2013, then 2014, and then 2013 again. Alfa has been gone from the States for a long time but has been promised a speedy return.

The Star Phoenix reports that Fiat will start selling later this year. NBC News reports that Alfa Romeo United States sales will be started with the Alfa Romeo 4C, which is a sports car.

Many people react

Many people who use an auto loan rates calculator recognize that they cannot really afford the price of the 4C that will cost between $75,000 and $100,000. That means that hardly everyone will actually be getting the vehicle. Most people do not even care that Alfa Romeo is coming back.

Since the cabin is made mainly of carbon fiber, there will only be 2,500 of the automobile produced each year, according to the Star-Phoenix.

Also, as Car and Driver points out, Alfa has been huge on promises and very small on delivery with regards to resuming sales in the U.S.. The brand pulled out of the market in 1995 and its high-water mark was in 1986, when Alfa moved 8,201 units.

Alfa guaranteed to return a number of times since 2000, only to revise the date and meant distributor numerous times. Lately they seem a bit more serious about resuming sales this year. Given, they did manage to sell a few 8C Competizione roadsters in 2008 in the U.S.; however, that was about this.

Not a huge deal for most

Alfa Romeo was well-known for being really unreliable in the past. The media is making it look like a huge deal, but a lot of people do not care that it is coming back. In fact, it is just one more luxury brand to choose from, but a lot of people will go with what they already have and feel comfortable with.

Really, the only reason to buy an Alfa over anything else is the truth that the automobile is ridiculously beautiful. The Geneva Motor Show and other auto shows all over the world will show off the concept Gloria later this year, according to Automobile Magazine, but it is anticipated to be beautiful. We can already see the 4C and 8C, and those cars are better-looking than anything I’ve ever seen.

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