What You Can Expect From Queens Charlotte Islands Accommodations

British Columbia is where you will find the outstandingly beautiful Queen Charlotte Island. The islanders are friendly and provide a warm welcome for visitors to their area. The area has a rich and interesting history, with many of the ancient customs still evident in daily life in the villages. Visitors will find that Queens Charlotte Islands accommodations options are available to fit all budgets.

The 1800 plus islands in the archipelago provide visitors with a range of terrains from snow-capped mountain peaks, sandy beaches and forests floors rich with unusual flora and fauna. The islands which have been renamed Haida Gwaii is known to be one of the most active earthquake areas in Canada. Landslides are not an uncommon occurrence in mountainous areas of Haida Gwaii.

The two main community islands are Graham and Moresby, both of which offer visitor accommodation. Graham Island is the largest and has several villages within its boundaries. Skidegate is the site of the main ferry terminal that links the island with the mainland. Visitors can opt for bed and breakfast, a motel room or they can rent one of the holiday homes.

On Graham Island the village of Masset which sits at the north tip is a center for fishing. The commercial fishing industry has declined in recent years, but that has been offset by the rise in fishing activities related to tourism. Visitors interested in getting up close to the wildlife and bird watchers will find plenty to enthral them on a visit to the Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary or the Naikon Provincial Park.

Old Masset Village is the place to visit for those interested in the culture, art and history of the region. Islanders can be seen working in their front yard on carving totem poles which represent their beliefs and culture, as well as canoes for which they are famous. A few pleasant hours can be spent browsing the very unique art gallery which holds pieces by the local artists.

Graham Island has some of the best beaches for collecting seashells and driftwood or spending a relaxing few hours. The area around Tiell Village offers a camp ground for those who want to get closer to nature. The village which is not really a village with homes, offers a coffee shop and a general store which are at the heart of the community.

Moresby Island is smaller with most of the inhabitants living in and around the village of Sandspit. The main industry on Moresby is and always has been logging. The Moresby Island airport provides flights to and from the mainland in British Columbia and is situated in Sandspit. In addition to a motel, the village also offers vacation rental properties and bed and breakfast facilities.

Accommodation opportunities in Haida Gwaii can seem to be fairly restricted. Visitors to the archipelago regions need to accept that they will not find the type of five star luxuries they might expect. Although the accommodations that are available may be fairly basic, the rooms are clean, comfortable and reflect the lifestyle and culture of the people. The friendly service and wide variety of activities available help to ensure that visitors have a unique and memorable experience.

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