Discover How A National Airport Concierge Service Helps Unaccompanied Minors

Children have traveled by air unaccompanied for many years. All the airlines have s set of regulations and rules that pertain to a child traveling without a parent or other adult guardian. Policies that pertain to the unaccompanied minor traveler are governed by the United States Airport Concierge Services.

Additionally, there are specific rules that vary by each airline regarding when children can travel alone. As an example, in the US children cannot fly unaccompanied if the are under age five. Children who are between 5 and 7 years of age can travel unaccompanied but only on nonstop flights. However, the child must be escorted by an employee of the airline.

Kids who are age 8 to 11 years old are able to travel on flights with connections but must be escorted by the airline. However, children in this age group are not allowed to take the final connection for the day unless there is not another option. Some are surprised to learn that when children turn 12, they can fly unsupervised.

If parents prefer, there are airlines that provide the service for children 12 to 17. It is important that parents understand that some airlines do not permit a child to travel without escort until the are fifteen. For folks who want the service expect to pay 200 dollars round trip.

Parents are provided gate passes that let them go through security and take their child to the gate. Once parents reach the departure gate they hand their kids over to the attendance. The parents are permitted to stay until the plane is in flight to make sure everything is good.

For connecting flights, an attendant has the child remain seated to wait for an escort. The escort will take the child to the connecting flight and hands them over to a flight attendant on the plane. When kids arrive at their destination the adult meeting them must show ID to pick them up.

United States Airport Concierge Services offers help to unaccompanied minors. To find out more about this reputable company, visit the following website at

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