To Go With Cairo Tour Packages Or Not

For those looking for a change from the mundane, the old and historical city of Cairo is a great escape that will be unforgettable. But now the choice needs to be made between going with one of those stress free pre arranged Cairo Tour packages, or to make the trip unique and flexible. Here are some things to think about that might help make that decision a little easier.

First, take a look at the calendar and see how many vacation days are available, how the finances are looking, and what places in the city cannot be missed. This basic information will provide great insight as to which way to go and what the trip will look like.

Having a tight schedule means that there is less time that should be spent stuck in traffic or getting lost in the city. By having a tour package, everything is already laid out and planned, so all that needs to be done is to follow the schedule and be at certain places at certain times. There is no need to worry about not being able to see the must-see sights or finding a hotel because they are already paid for and booked.

The other option would be to plan the logistics from the comfort of ones own home and hope for the best. This might be for the more adventurous spirits or travelers that have a more flexible time table. By not going with a pre arranged package, there are more chances to wander through the streets and find hidden treasures that most tourists do not get the chance to discover. The down side to this is that all the must-see sight may not be seen due to bumps along the way, but that is not always a bad thing.

The budget also plays a large role in whether or not to do a package deal or not. The deals will generally cost more, but the convenience may be priceless. There will not be any need to carry too much cash, only enough for the souvenirs and the odd tips for the guides, if they are not included.

For those on a smaller and tighter budget, arriving and exploring the city might be the better option. One great way to spend less money on room and board is to check out various hospitality exchange services or get lost in the city and find cheap hostels. This is a great way to meet locals who can share local hot spots and provide new insight into old city. There might also be some lasting friendships that will be made.

This is a great city with many activities for everyone. The main tourist attraction are the Pyramids of Giza which are a bit out of Cairo and is a breathtaking sight and should not be missed. But the city itself has numerous mosques, fortresses, museums, and the Citadel that should be seen as well. For those that enjoy the local vibe and chaos, take the time to check out the flea and street markets that are spread throughout the city.

Even though planning a new and exciting trip can be overwhelming at times, there are ways to make it easier and less daunting. By having a good idea of the budget, time frame and activities that need to be done, figuring out if one of the numerous Cairo Tour packages is the way to go, or planning it from scratch will be made apparent. Whichever way it goes, enjoy the adventure even when things might not go according to plan.

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