Things To Know Before Looking For Haida Gwaii Hotels

Sometimes secrets cannot be kept for long, even local secrets. British Columbia has one local secret that is slowly being discovered by both local Canadian and international tourists alike. This secret that is now being introduced into the world is the archipelago of Haida Gwaii. If you are currently planning to book one of the Haida Gwaii hotels for your vacation, do read on in this article to learn more about what the archipelago has to offer.

Being an archipelago, expect that quite a lot of activities or major activities for that matter, will be centered around or near the water or sea. In fact a major, if not prime attraction is the year round whale watching tours and excursions that many have come to know and enjoy.

Whale watching has become its main earning attraction due to the fact that the area is considered the best in the world when it comes to watching and observing whale species such as the mighty orca, the humpback whale and the grey whale. Frequency per hour in terms of sightings will depend on season and month so it might be a good idea to research on when is the best time to go. By doing this you will definitely get more for your money.

Great and worthwhile activities also can be had on land. Some notable hiking trails and camping spots are available for those who are so inclined to these sort of activities. Kayaking areas and fishing spots also abound, so one can be spoilt for choice in a way. Many tourists would prefer to bike in the morning and the laze around on the beach until nighttime.

If one enjoys vacations be learning cultural and historical heritages, then one may well enjoy a vacation here. The local populace, the Haida, are very accommodating to people who are eager to learn more about their ways and culture. However, be circumspect by at least reading up ahead about their culture so you can avoid embarrassing questions and blunders.

When traveling to each of the islands, one will notice the prevalence of quite a few totem poles that look surprisingly Alaskan in their characteristics. This is not surprising as the Haida also do occupy large areas of Alaskan territory. Each of these totems are accorded much respect as they are recorded histories of people on the islands.

For those who really want to explore every nook and cranny of these islands, a four day minimum is needed. In those four days you will be able to visit all the local museums and communities. You will also be exposed to local arts and crafts and a way of making furniture using bent wood. This bent wood technique is widely used by many North American Indian peoples.

There are several ways to reach this island chain. Most will take the faster and direct way of a two hour flight from Toronto. Some may take the more relaxed route of eight hours using a boat or ferry.

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