Popular Attractions When Visiting Liverpool On Merseyside

There is an enormous amount to see and to do when visiting Liverpool. The city was the European capital of culture in 2008 and is shows. From football to festivals and museums to beautiful architecture and fantastic nightlife, Liverpool has it all.

The city has a wonderful maritime history. It is again a wealthy international city, but this is not the first time is has reached that status. At the start of the 19th century, up to 40% of the worlds trade was passing through the cities docklands. This added massively to the influx of wealth there as having one of the busiest ports in the worlds was a great contribution.

The profits made from this were able to be put into building a city worthy of the majesty of the great British Empire that was building at the time. So much beautiful architecture was created that can still be seen today. The city, as a result, is home to he largest collection of listed buildings, even more so than London. Additionally, the city has the greatest collective display of art, specimens and artifact’s on display anywhere in the UK. These are all housed within the eight galleries and museums all around the city.

If you are looking for the cultural hub of the city then there’s no need to go further that St. George’s Plateau, home to the Walker gallery which has the greatest single at collection outside of London. Hope street, which joins together the city’s two Cathedrals with beautifully cobbled streets, is home to the Philharmonic hall and the city’s performing arts centre.

The cobbles of the street run between Anglican Liverpool Cathedral to the Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral. The Liverpool Cathedral is the largest in the UK and the fifth largest in the entire world and sports a massive exterior of red sandstone brick.

In terms of museums, look no further for modern art housed at the Tate Liverpool, sister museum to the Tate Modern in London. Also to find out about a part of our history that is surrounded by controversy pop over to the slavery museum that will help you to discover the darker side of the history of the great trading exploits of the city. For fans of the Beatles, there are different tours that offer people the chance to find out where the fab four kicked off their careers and began to make a name for themselves.

The city is also totally synonymous with sport and particularly football with the enormous rivalry that exists between the teams either side of the Mersey. Liverpool’s great success in their European exploits have created an extremely loyal and fanatic fan base.

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