Information About Lake Okeechobee Fishing

Lake Okeechobee, known as the largest mass of freshwater in Florida, covers approximately 730 square miles. That would be the same as half of the size of Rhode Island. On average, it is only 9 feet deep, which is fairly shallow for a mass of water this size, making it a super spot for Lake Okeechobee fishing. Locals refer to it as either, The Big O or The Lake, and the majority of the water fed into it comes from the Kissimmee River.

There a many Lake Okeechobee resorts and they are easily reachable from most popular tourist destinations throughout Florida. A popular venue for freshwater angling, the Big O is also one of the best sites anywhere for the Largemouth Bass. Other species of fish that can be found are Crappies, Bluegills, Shell-crackers and Pickerels.

Boasting top class Florida fishing resorts for the Largemouth Bass, it is a popular competition venue, pulling in the big names, trophy specimens are frequently caught. It is advisable to hire a local guide, as they are conscious of the conditions, and will be able to determine where to locate the best fish. This will assist with guaranteeing your trip is going to be a memorable one.

Most come for the bass and these can be caught on natural baits and artificial lures and spinners. The largemouth bass is largely an olive green fish, with dark horizontal blotches forming a stripe along each flank. The upper jaw line will extend beyond the eye socket; the females are generally larger than the males.

Crappies are also called Speckled Perch, or Specks, as they are known to the locals. They make for a good meal when they are fried in a pan. They can be hooked at anytime during the year, but the ideal time is probably between late fall and early spring. Daily catch limits are in place, so make sure that you confirm with your guide.

Bluegills will give you plenty to pit your wits against, as they put up plenty of fight for their size. They are an entertaining species to catch, and if hooked in the breeding season have some amazing colors. Maybe that is the reason for the males to be known as Copper Heads.

Should you wish to do some Lake Okeechobee fishing, March until late September is a popular time for Shell-cracker, or Red Ear Sunfish. They grow big and put up a real fight. It is no wonder that they are a popular sport fish, and once again taste great from the pan. It is also possible to catch Pickerels, but they seem to getting scarcer.

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