Camping Essentials Tips to Save Your Camping Trip

Useful Note: Please understand that these are not concrete rules, they are just our recommended tips and advice for beginners. Just because these tips may be helpful to another person does not guarantee them to apply to you. This does not render our tips unhelpful – far from it. If you apply our advice properly then you should avoid many rookie camping mistakes that may upset your trip.

Tip Number One: Get Ready! The most important tip is to be ready for everything. It is very important to read the Camping Essentials Guide and Checklist to be informed of all of your common needs. Understanding that guide is very important as being ready is the most surefire way to being happy with your trip.

Understand that you don’t need to literally have every item on the guide, but is very helpful to decide what is most important to your trip. You also shouldn’t feel like a novice for having a checklist; even professional campers have their lists ready.

The second tip is: Have Proper Footwear! If you are planning just hanging around on the campsite or camp grounds you should be able to wear most types of footwear (we’re obviously not including high heels and dress shoes). However, if you plan on going hiking, exploring or walking a trail you will definitely need to choose some good protection for your feet. Good boots/shoes should: Protect your feet, be waterproof, let your feet breathe (to some point), give you good grip and traction, support weight and not disrupt your normal walking style. Remember to get a boot/shoe that feels very comfortable for the way you walk, this will help you avoid developing blisters on your feet. A good amount of cushion never hurts.

#3: Grab a Reliable and Spacious Backpack! Take a look at all of things you will be taking on your trip and then find a backpack that can fit most of the items comfortably. You should also try the backpack on for size and make sure it feels snug and secure on your body, as you may be carrying it for long periods of time. A very useful feature is if the backpack is rain/water proof as this can save many of your things if you’re ever in a wet situation. Take the time to pack your bag carefully so that everything fits easily, this can even make your backpack feel less heavy.

Tip Number Four: Beware of Animals! When in the wilderness your chances of encountering a dangerous animal are significantly higher. Most of the time you have nothing to fear, as it’ll be a harmless creature such as a rabbit or squirrel; but depending on where you are it could be a much more dangerous animal (such as a lion or bear). Professional campers will tell you to have some type of walking stick to fend off creatures with. You shouldn’t crouch or bend when in front of an animal, you want to look as large and powerful as possible.

As you can see, good tips are your camping essentials. You should always be on the lookout for more camping tips, especially those that promote camping safety.

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