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Most people would be thrilled to have the chance to take an unplanned vacation – to just take off on a spur-of-the-moment getaway. Before now, that was almost unthinkable due to the sky-high prices of last-minute plane tickets. You’ll be happy to know that it’s now possible to book a vacation on short notice and get a great deal on that vacation you’ve been wanting to take. Let’s look at some easy ways to schedule a vacation on a moment’s notice:

1. The Internet is your friend when it comes to finding sources that list inexpensive vacations which can be booked late. Whether your chosen destination is the Caribbean, Hawaii, Europe, or another exotic location, you will find discount travel websites online, that provide vacation packages at discount prices. You can get an excellent price at the last minute from many of these discount travel web sites. When visiting one of these discount travel websites, you can compare prices and availability of vacation deals to a number of destinations. If you are trying to enjoy a spur of the minute trip that doesn’t break the bank, these websites have a wealth of information that will be quite useful to you. It’s possible to save up to 30% or more when you book your vacation on these sites rather than trying to make all the travel arrangements yourself.

2)The low travel season is the perfect time to book your vacation on short notice if you’re looking to save money. Identical vacation packages purchased in the off-season and the peak season, will likely have a price difference of about 10%, making traveling during the off-season quite beneficial. You can get tour packages for a wide variety of destinations, including European tours, and vacations in Paris, London, Rome, Athens, Frankfurt, Barcelona, and more. While winter is the best time to take an inexpensive European tour, traveling to Mexico or Hawaii during the summer months is the best time to save money.

3. Another way to save on travel costs for last-minute booking is to take a trip to a destination that has recently experienced a hurricane. Most people think this is a bad time to travel, but the location’s economy is probably suffering because people aren’t traveling there and will offer discount packages to boost tourism. Think of it this way: you’ll be aiding the local economy as well as taking an inexpensive vacation.

4. Traveling with a group of friends is a great way to save money and have some fun. You can split the costs of the vacation package. Use online travel discount sites to help you decide where to go, as these can help you narrow down the options for inexpensive trips.

5. Another technique for conserving money when booking your vacation, is to fly off-peak season, days, and hours. Traveling during midweek is the usually the cheapest time to fly. Along that same line, it’s cheaper to fly on the off-season. This means, that flights will be less expensive in late March than in early April.

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