Incomparable Budapest Attractions

You’ll be held spellbound by one of the most stunning cities in the world when you take a trip to Budapest. Its celebrated beauty and history will leave out awestruck!

City Overview

As the capital city of Hungary, this vibrant city is an important cultural, commercial, political and industrial landmark in Europe. The range of Budapest attractions embraces some of the best illustrations of beautiful architecture, monuments, palaces and museums.

Places which you must visit

* Take a trip to the Royal Palace and walk around as you withness some of the most varied architectural styles. The nation’s most important cultural hub, this city is the setting for many of the famous museums and art galleries.

* Stop at the St. Stephen’s Basilica and check out the elaborate architectural patterns which encompass both the classical style as well as the Italian Renaissance model.

* Stare in disbelief at the most beautiful Parliament building in Europe when you visit the Houses of Parliament. Featuring a neo-Gothic style and adorned with the statues of the great monarchs and commanders of Hungary, this is one of the most impressive stops on the list of Budapest attractions.

* Don’t miss out on visiting the Fisherman’s Bastion. Observe the gleaming covered passage, track the stairways linking seven turrets and catch the terrific view.

* Since King Matthias, the Matthias Church has been the place of coronation of Hungarian kings. This is one of the most awe inspiring and spectacular of places in all of Hungary.

Things you must do

* Visit the Chain Bridge. It was the first bridge made of stone in the entire country. When the floodlights are in use, this is one of the most astounding sights in the entire country. One of the greatest triumphs of engineering in the 19th century, this now serves as a place of pride for the citizens.

* Get a Budapest Tourist Card which lets you travel free on public transport and gives you discounts at numerous restaurants, museums, spas and so on.

* Hop on to a local tour to have a total experience of the city’s extensive and vibrant history. The sites you are shown are only some of the very best Budapest attractions.

* Taste the traditional apricot brandy and have some heavy goulash Hungarian style! Taste the “King of wines, wine of Kings”, the strong Tokaji Asz!

Shopping and Sports in the city

Forget about your woes when you go wild shopping in this charming city. Load up on the local Hungarian handicrafts, the sinful cheeses, the rich wines and the beautiful porcelain goods and embroidered products. Drop in at Andrssy Avenue in Pest for some delightful choices. Go bowling, or skate boarding or bike through the city! Whatever sport you feel like indulging in, you can be sure to find it in this beautiful city! Surely one more hit on the unending list of Budapest attractions!

How to spend nightlife

With plenty of options for night time, you can go for a jazz bar or any trendy night club. A popular hangout is Becketts which is the original Irish pub. Crazy Caf supposedly has the longest menu in Hungary so you’re going to be spoilt for choices! Fat Mo’s has awesome music and live performers. You can also pop in to one of the luxury casinos and lounges

Famous Festivals

The Sziget Festival is the largest open air pop and rock concert in all of Europe! Visit the Budapest Spring festival to rejoice with the people in their nation wide merriment with awesome music, dance, food and wine!

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