Discovering Different Washington DC Audio Walking Tours

Whether with a guide or pre-recorded audio, walking while on vacation can be a great experience. There are several different types of Washington DC audio walking tours. Some offer insight into historic neighborhoods while others take tourists on areas rarely seen. In most cities, there are also those that focus on specific attractions, museums or other locations of interest.

Audio recordings can be related to historic homes, museums, neighborhoods, the National Zoo or many other attractions. Each tour generally has a narration that last from about a half-hour to those that are well over an hour. Most tend to be directed at a specific area or location, many which are also guided by local volunteers or paid staff members.

Most tours are provided online through different websites. While some are free, there is a minimal charge for others. Various attractions also offer access to tours related to permanent and temporary exhibits and installations. Details on these exhibits and other information can be found on the many different galleries and museums websites or through the local visitor center.

There are day and night walks and recordings available in many cities. When doing any type of walking at night, it is good to know the area and surroundings. Whether day or night, anyone going alone may want to go with another person or group and check local crime statistics to get an idea as to whether an area is safe, especially if having to walk alone.

Another group offers free audio podcasts of less traveled areas. The best often feature alleys, backstreets and other lesser known areas. Most of which are free and readily available for download before leaving home.

A great deal of knowledge can also be obtained by simply listening to the podcast online from home. Whether planning a trip, or simply needing a great way to relax, these recordings can often help individuals decide places of interest whether traveling now or in the future. Even if one never visits the area, one can still learn a great deal about a city’s history and people.

Listening to past recordings of different areas can also help individuals decide whether or not it is an area one might like to visit. Whereas, one can also sign up to receive future recordings on many travel related websites. This is great for individuals who love to travel but are without the funds to do so as many of these recordings are simply sent by way of email attachment on a regular basis.

Whether visiting Washington DC or other cities, these audio recordings can often help individuals find their footing in places far from home. Or, for those who do not have the ability to travel, escape to new and different places without ever leaving home. Whether listening from home, or while on a tour, a great deal of knowledge can be gained about the people, places and history by listening to an audio tour podcast.

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