A Quick Tour Of Lisbon And Lagos

Portugal possesses a marvelous past and memories of great navigators and explorers. Currently, the country has maintained the spirit of past glory and turn into one of the best travel destinations in Europe. Lisbon and Lagos are just some of the cities you can visit in Portugal. Check what you can see there and you’ll get the picture and realize how beautiful and fantastic is Portugal.

Lisbon Lisbon is the capital of the nation. In past times, its territory is crossed by Phoenicians, Romans and Moors. They provided the foundations of a great city, which attained its greatest times during the 16th century. After that Portugal was a major force in Europe with several colonies. At that time the Portuguese sailors and explorers created history. Then Lisbon became a major trading center in Europe. The port of the city furnished with the valuable goods imported from Asia, Latin America and Africa almost whole Europe. The evidences from the history still can be seen these days. Have a look at some of the places you can travel to in Lisbon:

Pena Palace – Palcio Nacional da Pena is among the most breathtaking castles in Europe. Its design is beautiful compliment to European Romanticism, characteristic of the era during which it is built. Situated on one of the hills of Sintra Mountain, you will see Pena Palace from the city in clear weather without problems. It is just like wonderful mirage among the beauty of the mountain. Today, the palace is utilized by the Portuguese president and senior government officials to set up formal and official events.

Cathedral S Patriarcal – is the oldest church inside the city and one of the largest Roman style buildings in Portugal. The building was built in 12 century but was subsequently rebuilt several times. You can see in the complex of S Patriarcal the baroque church of Saint Anthony, the museum built in memory of the Saint Antoniano, the Roman Theatre Museum as well as the Gothic buildings of the monastery of the cathedral.

Lagos Lagos is really a stunning small town with a charming port, which supports the spirit of the Portuguese discoverers, and at the same time it is great modern tourist resort with beautiful beaches, hotels, restaurants and night clubs. The first settlers of Lagos were Carthaginians, who recruited Celtic troops for the Punic War with Rome. After that the settlement was colonized by the Romans and later on by the Goths, Byzantines and Moors. In 1241 the Portuguese king mastered the Algarve region, part of which is Lagos.

Along with the voyages and discoveries of new lands began and the slave trade. In Lagos was opened as the first market for slaves from Africa (Mercado de Escravos), which still can be viewed. The truly great history of Lagos slowly creates a city with splendid architecture that was ruined by an earthquake, accompanied by a tsunami in 1755. The most popular landmark of the city may be the cathedral Igreja do Santo Antnio. It has an extremely amazing interior, covered with gold and beautiful Baroque paintings depicting the life of Saint Anthony. Try to visit Portugal if you have a chance. Lisbon and Lagos are just small part of the whole attractiveness of Portugal. Don’t hesitate to spend your holiday there. You won’t regret.

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