A Guide About Barcelona

Around the Mediterranean coast of Spain, around the Iberian Peninsula, marked with all the colors of its long history is found the attractive Barcelona. Filled up with the spirit of the region, the town smells of Mediterranean cuisine and sea. The complex multi-layer architecture produces the illusion that Barcelona is present concurrently in several epochs.

The pulse of youth vibrates within the atmosphere, the life is modern, however the action happens against the old Gothic cathedrals and Art Nouveau buildings in the classic Catalan architecture. The labyrinth of streets discloses mysteries of the city, helping to make you adore Barcelona from the first sight and inhale its atmosphere. At the territory of Barcelona, appears like several cities coexist and this impression is made through the contrasts relating to the various neighborhoods. A stroll inside the Gothic neighborhood Gothic Barry (Barri Gothic) is going to take you to the Royal Square.

Climbing the hill Montzhuik will reveal spectacular views of the impressive complex of monuments – the National Palace, known for the singing fountains, the National Museum of Catalan Art with works by Van Gogh and Picasso and the Sport Palace. In the center of Barcelona opens its beams the Catalunia Square, which has the form of a star. You will recognize the square and by the hundreds of pigeons, thinking the square is their home and walk freely along with the tourists. Here you can stop to take a rest among the birds and beautiful plants.

You’ll be able to visit Sagrada Familia Cathedral. The work of the master Antoni Gaudi is among the most well-known cathedrals on the planet and is considered among the best achievements of the architecture. The base of Sagrada Familia is completed in 1882 and the project is really big, that these days the cathedral remains under construction. Barcelona really lives with all the spirit of Gaudi, his wonderful creations dyed the town architecture, producing its charming view.

Among his works are the famous landmark Park Guel and its palace. You can easily fall into another world, because there are many strange buildings and attractions that have nothing to do with the laws of physics, architecture and construction. It is very unusual creation that can make you forget that it is built by a genius architect; you would rather believe that is the work of the storyteller.

There are many interesting and beautiful landmarks to see in Barcelona. You can enjoy the culture and the achievements of this wonderful and exotic Spanish city. The culture and heritage of Arabs and Moors, Romans and Franks still can be seen in Barcelona. Roman ruins and Gothic buildings can be noticed all around Barcelona. Do not forget to take your camera with you. You will make thousands of pictures for sure.

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