Budget Accommodation – A Variety Of Choices For Different Needs And Preferences

Budget travelers can save more money by reducing their accommodation costs, whether their purpose of travel is business or pleasure. To adapt to these travelers’ needs, many forms of budget accommodation have emerged, offering affordable room rates.

Such cheap accommodation can be found anywhere in the world, including in the downtown areas of major cities which allow you easy access to tourist attractions and business facilities. They also offer a comfortable stay, together with basic amenities to sufficiently meet your accommodation needs.

Several types of cheap accommodation, which cater to the needs of different groups of budget travelers, are available for your selection.


Hostels have come a long way in providing a better accommodation experience for their guests. Nowadays they are a popular choice with backpackers and other budget travelers such as students. Rooms are often dormitory-style with shared facilities, although low cost private rooms are becoming more widespread.

Besides their affordability and special ambience, hostels also provide many opportunities for guests from different parts of the world to interact and share their adventures. The locations of these hostels also cater to backpackers and can be found in more secluded areas. The range of amenities at some hostels may even surprise you. You may be able to enjoy Internet connectivity, on-site dining and laundry facilities, amenities which are typically found in more expensive hotels.

Bed and Breakfasts

Bed and breakfasts differ from hostels in that while they are still cheap, they afford greater privacy to guests in the form of private rooms with attached bathrooms.

Since the owners of such accommodation usually oversee its operations themselves, you can expect a more personal style in the decorations of the rooms, as well as greater attention from the owner and staff members, making you feel at home.

As suggested by its name, a bed and breakfast usually has a high quality breakfast included in the room rates, along with other inclusions such as local phone calls and parking.

Budget 3-star hotels

For a more typical hotel stay with some extras, you might want to consider a stay at one of many budget three-star hotels. With a more formalized style of service, these hotels offer a value for money experience considering their range of amenities. For instance, you can find mini bars, coffee and tea-making machines and coloured television in your room which has its own bathroom, along with room service.

Venture out of your room and you will be greeted by a host of amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centres, bars and restaurants. On top of it, you can find budget hotels anywhere, including in the most accessible locations nearby famous tourist sights and business facilities.

Budget boutique hotels

Longing to stay in a boutique hotel but are put off by its high cost? With a cheaper version of boutique hotels emerging in recent years, you can opt for both style and affordability in one package. These budget boutique hotels impress with the latest amenities including connection points for electronic devices and flat screen TVs in your room.

Mingling with other guests is even encouraged through open spaces created within the premises. If you are tech-savvy or are on business, such hotels may be ideal for you.

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