Why is Cambridge so famous?

The famous Cambridge colleges of Cambridge University are world renowned. Surely the best way to see them is to take a relaxing punt ride with an experienced local guide? A 45 minute round trip takes in the stretch of river from Jesus Green to Silver Street and back again, around 1.5 miles total distance. Along the way are some of Cambridge’s most famous sights, including but not limited to King’s College Chapel, The Wren Library at Trinity college, the Mathematical Bridge at Queens in addition to numerous university landmarks.

Tourists visiting Cambridge usually don’t realise that it’s not possible to stroll along the river banks and look around the famous Cambridge colleges. The reason for this is that there is no path along the river bank and the college grounds are separated from each other with high walls and fences. In the days of horse drawn barges they built a stone causeway long the centre of the river in order to get around the tolls the colleges wished to charge for crossing their land. These days, a Cambridge punt tour provides the best and most relaxing way to see the colleges, whilst letting the experienced guide do the hard work and tell you about the sights along the way at the same time.

Visitors are required to pay an admission fee if they wish to visit the grounds of any Cambridge college. Should you visit all of the colleges that you would see on a Cambridge punt tour it could come to a hefty fee by the end of your visit! Depending on the time of year you are visiting Cambridge you might also be disappointed to find the colleges closed to visitors because of exams or other events. You never get this problem if you are punting in Cambridge!

Whilst there are one or two very large and well known punt companies in Cambridge these are not the only option. I prefer to chose the experience and knowledge that a small, independently owned and locally staffed business can provide. The more personal approach really adds to the experience for me.

Cambridge River Tour is a small independent business established in 2005 by two experienced punt chauffeurs with many years experience working on the river Cam.

Originally aiming at offering tours on the smaller traditional six person punts and catering for couples and small groups they now run a fleet of punts and are able to take any groups.

The guides who provide the tours are knowledgeable, experienced, friendly and local all of which means you will have a great time.

For many a visit to Cambridge is a once in a lifetime experience and would not be complete without a traditional punt trip along the famous college backs. They ensure your trip is memorable for the right reasons.

They are able to service the needs of groups from the smallest up to the very largest. Regardless of whether you are visiting alone, planning a hen party, have a large tour group who are visiting or are just planning a day out with a few friends and want to enjoy Cambridge punting.

Although they originally started out specialising in tours on the traditional six person punts, they now use their extensive experience of Cambridge punting to offer trips on the larger twelve seater punts.

Find out about the history of Cambridge punting and the other kinds of things to do that will find in amazing place

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