A Look At The English Football Premier League

As always, the English Premier League is going to be a fantastic watch this season. Demand for tickets for the big matches is such that fans of Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal need to be quick of the mark to see their favourites in action. English football enjoys a significant international reputation, thanks to the success of the Premier League and the scale of sponsorship it attracts. In 1992 the leading clubs in England’s Football league decided to break away from the 1st division, and the Premier League was formed.

Blighted by hooliganism and suffering from a severe lack of investment, by the 1980s English football had fallen on hard times. Being banned from European competition following the tragic scenes at Heysel added to English foorball’s woes. Significant investment was forced on English clubs, who had to make their stadia all-seater following the tragic events at Hillsborough.

The formation of the Premier League and significant investment in the form of TV rights from Sky allowed the top ten clubs meet the costs involved. Enormous wealth was created due to the popularity of the new league, which was very popular, despite fans having to pay to watch football on TV for the first time. Big name sponsors such as Carling, Barclaycard and now Barclays Bank have been attracted to the competition. This success has attracted a number of big name sponsors to the competition over the years, including Carling, Barclaycard and most recently, Barclays Bank.

Having broken away to make more money as valuable commodities, the Premier League clubs are now criticised for spending so much on their players. With more money available following the formation of the new league, clubs are now criticised for spending too much on their players. Clubs invest significant sums in transfer fees and wages for the best players, making football an expensive business. Several clubs have struggled with finance and in February 2010 Portsmouth went into administration. Not all clubs have been successful in the finance stakes, and in February 2010, Portsmouth FC went into administration.

The League’s most successful club is Manchester United, under the management of Sir Alex Ferguson. Always a top three finisher, Manchester United have won the Premier League 11 times. Last year’s championship went right to the wire, with Chelsea finally victorious.

Defending their title against all their old adversaries, the spotlight is now on Chelsea. Can Chelsea defend their title against their old adversaries? Chelsea vs Manchester United tickets will be in great demand. Everything is at stake and anything could happen at this early stage in the competition. All is to play for and an upset could be significant at this early stage of the competition. The entertainment value of the Premier League provides excitement, heated discussions and high emotions for months on end. The Premier League provides great entertainment for months on end, with heated discussions and high emotions keeping fans excited. On and off the pitch the antics of both players and managers keep everyone entertained.

But nothing can beat the thrill of being at a world class Premier League match, watching the best teams, like Chelsea, Arsenal, Man Utd and Liverpool, demonstrating the art of the beautiful game. Nothing can compare with the thrill of watching world class players, in the best teams, like Chelsea, Arsenal, Man Utd and Liverpool, demonstrating the art of the beautiful game in the Premiership. Make sure that you get tickets for the biggest games, such as Chelsea vs Arsenal and Manchester United vs Liverpool.

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