Russian Girls And Their Family Values

Russian girls reside in a country known as Russia. It is located in northern Europe and shares borders with Finland, Poland and Norway among other countries. It is among the largest countries in the world. It is also one of the countries that are densely populated.

Girls from Russia are known to be beautiful and trim. They learn from an early age to make an effort to look attractive for their men. So, they dress in a feminine and stylish manner and they often make their own clothes. They also use appropriate makeup to look good.

She is taught as early as possible to possess positive and high family values. Culturally, she is required to get a husband and children when she grows up. She becomes a respectable society member when she gets married. Single women in this country are sneered at by society members. So, success of a Russian girl is defined by getting married and having children.

Russian women get a good education as free education is offered. However, men are favored by the system where jobs are concerned. Men get jobs more easily than women despite having similar qualifications. This is the reason these women prefer to put family values first instead of careers.

The Russian society expects a woman to neglect or sacrifice her career when she gets married. In fact, employers normally prefer to promote men who they consider as the breadwinners. Therefore, the girls find self realization in a family while men find theirs in careers.

A Russian girl has a great desire to build a family that is strong. In fact she would rather assist her man to advance in his career rather than advancing hers. According to her, this is one way of sharing family responsibilities. It is her belief that the man is responsible for providing for the family financially while she provides love and warmth in the home.

Her beliefs do not make her a lazy person or a parasite. Russian women are hard workers. All household work of cooking, laundry and cleaning is done by them. They are ready to chip in to give the family another source of income. They however, are not comfortable with earning more than their husband.

This is a pointer that these girls still hold on to traditional values relating to family where a man is the head of the family. They gladly let the husband to lead. According to them, there is nothing unusual about needing a man or allowing him to be the head.

This doesn’t make her weak in any way. For her, marriage is joining of two equal partners. As a result, she doesn’t like to be ordered around. She does not allow herself to be treated like a doormat by her husband. She needs her husband to respect and appreciate her and she does the same in return.

Russian girls normally look out for men to share life with till death. They therefore look for men who are mature enough to sustain the union. They do this because they believe that marriage and family are forever. Anything that can cause the family to breakup cannot be tolerated.

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