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Sending flowers is one of the sweetest ways to express your feelings. They apologize for hurt feelings, comfort those in sorrow, brighten the day of someone who is ill and bring joy to heart of lovers everywhere.

The international flower delivery industry has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent decades, thanks to nearly instant communication advances. Thanks to this growth, FTD and have edged out nearly all competitors.

FTD (Florists’ Telegraph Delivery) is the brainchild of fifteen American florists, founded in 1910 with the intention of connecting retail florists all across the country. In this way, people could send flowers to loved ones no matter where they lived. As the business grew and expanded its reach, its name changed to Florists Transworld Delivery to reflect its global reach.

Every business has competition and in 1986 a florist named Jim McCann decided to take on FTD with his own network of connected retail florists. Beginning the business with his New York shop as the base, McCann quickly proved to be a savvy businessman; after taking his business into the virtual world in 1992, he became a serious competitor to FTD.

Both of these international flower delivery sites render flower-and-specialty-gift-shipping service at their best that would meet every flower-sender’s goal, with a heap of professionalism and customer satisfaction.

The advantage of using 1800flowers or FTD is a problem free shopping experience, particularly if you use their websites to order your arrangements and packaging. You can browse through their gifts and floral arrangements, ordering online or if you prefer you can call their main number and place an order by telephone.

FTD and both work to insure that they carry only the freshest, most beautiful blooms. And since they both consist of thousands of florists across the nation and the world, your flowers or gifts will be delivered as quickly as possible, usually by the next day. You can, of course, arrange for same day delivery if you order early enough in the day!

Both and FTD have exacting standards for the florist shops in their networks. Each delivery is professionally arranged and packaged attractively. You can order via telephone or internet and know that your gift will be the finest available anywhere.

Although flowers have been the preferred way to express ourselves for generations, technology has made it easier and faster than ever. Thanks to the internet, we can view extensive catalogs of flowers, plants and gifts much like going to the florist in person!

After a hundred years of international flower delivery services, FTD clings to the founding principles it is so proud of-offering the best flowers and fast delivery while keeping prices competitive., although a younger business than FTD, also takes pride in the quality of their flowers and their customer service.

With all the international flower delivery sites that have popped up on the internet, we have all been able to reach out and interact with loved ones. We can express our feelings with just a few keystrokes or a phone call and brighten someone’s day or comfort them in time of need.

These international flower delivery services have allowed us all to touch each others’ hearts, no matter where in the world that we live.

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