How Come Some Religions Dont Rely On Marriage Ceremonies?

When you think that the mother of almost all ceremonies and rituals pertaining marital life derives from religious roots, then you certainly guess right. Most of us don’t actually stop to think about the symbolisms the Roman Catholic Church truly does to the young couples being married infront of the altar like the wedding rings, the best man, the cord, the throwing of the flowers simply by the bride, etc.

We simply just embrace all of them for just what they are and unless we’re doing certain research or even thesis, we don’t really much care about the key reason and history exactly why the bride needs to walk down the aisle by her parents. We simply used common sense and that’s that.

But there are particular Christians sect that truly discourages instead of recommend wedding rituals. These types of Christian denominations are definitely more for practicality and think about that something that looks good or eye-catching to the eyesight and feel are works of the satan and a “true believer” should certainly not enjoy this kind of earthly pleasures. If this sounds already weird, then read on, that’s not all.

One ex – member testifies in a well-known interview that a particular spiritual sect restricted all of them to put curtains in their home and putting in flowers in the living room given that they are regarded as lusts of the eyes and flesh! They are usually even disallowed to eat candies, because it is not really designed to really fill you and for pure satisfaction it is therefore evil!

The reason behind this article is to advise people that there are specific organizations and one needs to be cautious since there’s a big inclination for mass human brain washing. Think about, a wedding of former member was not allowed to get a wedding car since it was hypocrisy since the car was not really theirs in the to begin with!

A wedding car hire is a good part of the marriage ceremony and a good wedding car hire can also add to the romance of driving of together with newly wed spouse in style. Well, I don’t know about you, however we think that a wedding car hire is a great idea and if a religious belief tells you otherwise, I maybe safe and sound to conclude that they’re promoting a demented form of faith. Perhaps even monks don’t forbid that for crying out loud!

In almost everything that we carry out, our own faith governs the way we decide; we plan our occasions and our family. For your own good, watch out with doctrine prohibiting you to experience the finer things in life because they are, for the sake of sound judgment, is not evil in anyway.

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