Create A Good Wedding Program By Yourself

Wedding program, often need to show all the services and songs on wedding ceremony and the names of your guests, is one of the necessary piece of your wedding.Tthey usually well decorated and made by pretty paper. Wedding program will be a special record of your wedding ceremony, and meanwhile be a interesting keepsake for your guests. However, the meaning for the wedding program is to provide the useful information of your wedding.

First of all, you have to find the following tools and materials in advance. They are laser printer, tulle ribbon, paper-edger scissor, decorative paper, acid-free paper, and kraft paper.

Let’s move on to select the design you want to use, considering preprinted paper, scrolls, folders, single cards, etc. Make sure your design is in keeping with the style of your wedding stationery, in terms of formality, paper, embellishments and font.

A normal wedding program will include the following components: full name of the bride, full name of the groom, name of officiant, date and time , place, introduction (optional), order of ceremony, name of the wedding party, words to hymns or songs (optional), titles and composers of musical selections, names of performers (singers, musicians, readers).

Add an expression of gratitude to your ceremony participants, reception hosts and helpers, and family or friends who performed special services.

If you want, you can your recognition of or dedication to deceased family members, or the one who are absent that day.

End up the wedding program with a sincerely thank-you to all the participants.

You can either type or handwrite a master sheet. It is recommended to build a prototype before you invest in large quantity of paper and embellishments. If you are going to create a large number, you can use a copy machine to produce the programs.

You can’t use the paper too absorbent or too slick, if you decide to use a fountain pen to handwrite the program.

To you best for your wedding day! I believe my tips will help you a lot in building a useful and pretty wedding program. Wish you have a wonderful wedding, and wish you have a happy future in your marriage.

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